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How to help your Human in the Garden by Bongo April 11, 2010

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Dear Kitty Friends, Yesterday Annie decided she needed to pull all the weeds from the garden..Of course as any kitty knows, when your human goes out into the garden you need to help them. They are so helpless, They think the garden is just for work.

We know better.

Step One

Approach Boldly!

They may say they don't want your help but really deep down inside they do. You are a welcome distraction


Step Two

SIt down at their feet looking adorable. This will garner at least an ear scratch all on it's own.

Step Three

Begin weaving between their legs.

Step Four

Rub against their leg as you circle around on the outside.

Don't worry if they say your name in rritation it is just their way of justifying the fact that they are about to cave in and cuddle you!


Step Five

Sit down right in front of them and look up with your most adoring look.

This is the money shot, and if they hesitate to stop and pet you throw ina couple of plaintive Meows.


Step Six:

If your previous efforts have failed, flop down on your side at their feet.

This is a clear indication that you need and expect attention of some kind. I call it the flop and Purr it has a 95 % success rating.


Step Seven.


If all other tactics have failed to get your human to stop wroking in the garden and play and cuddle you this one is sure to  meet with success. Roll over and expose your belly, Be sure to reach out a tentative paw.

I call it the playful Roll. This one gets them every time!

Remember. They really do want to stop and play with you and cuddle you. Really… who wants to work when you are out in the garden in the flowers.


Que the Close up!




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I am the Biggest Loser January 10, 2010

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As many of you know, I am Ruebenesque! ( Annie rudely called me FAT! The nerve). Anyway since I came to live with her she has tried several times to put me on a diet. None of them worked and let us just clear this fact up right away

Diet food SUCKS! Oh yes it does and you all know it!

Anyway Annie found this Awesome Pawsome Site! It is all about how to feed your cat a healthy diet .. not the lose weight kind but the kind all kitties love and we were designed to eat. It is written by a Veterinarian and is full of tips for us hard to convert kitties. The site does promote a raw diet but it also says if you can not do the raw diet to switch to wet food only.
At the beginning I hated even wet food, so being a staunch hold out(everyone else liked the raw food…Idiots) Annie had to gradually move us… Okay me… to wet food only. And since I wouldn't eat the wet if their was dry food in the house.. the dry food had to go. Such a pity!

Yes I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dry food. Annie says that is why I am so chubby!

So the site has information on how to help your kitty gradually move from dry food to wet food and then if you want, … to a raw diet.  We may or may not move all the way to raw but Annie says for now we will stick to just eating wet food… (She said it involves a $200.00 meat grinder that is not in the budget!)

We learned a few things along the way
1. When we kitties eat a raw diet we almost never hack up Hairballs.
2. Pooping is less often and does not smell so awful.
3. The skinny cats stayed skinny and the chubby cat (I resent being called that… I am just Floofy! ) got skinnier and not too quickly which is bad for kitties
4. When you lose weight after being extremely overweight it is never a good idea to start jumping up and down off of tables. I sprained my front paw. OUCH!!! It is almost all better now.

Okay on to The Big Reveal
This is me when I arrived at Annie's house.

And a second picture so you can tell the difference

And my After pictures!

Tah Dah a sleeker me!

And one more to show off the actual waist i now have.

  And my sort of stats.
I started out at 14.5 Lbs of kitty floofiness
and now i weigh in around 8.5 to 9 Lbs we are not quite sure my acurate wieght we will find out when I go in for my checkup here pretty soon!

As you can see I am now smaller than lilac and actually fit my name

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Magneato’s day August 13, 2009

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Some of you know this .. some of you don't . But here it is..Magneato has crossed over the rainbow bridge it is just over a month since I laid her to rest. July 3rd 2009 I will try to get through this post as best I can, I have waited a month because it makes my heart ache beyond belief. I thought I was prepared to do it but I started crying when I looked at the pictures just now so we will see how it goes,

Back at the beginning of June Magneato got sick and stopped eating and when she did eat she kept throwing her food up. This started late in the week and by Saturday morning I was gravely concerned and took her to the emergency vet. They gave her antibiotics and she came home and seemed to recover but a week after stopping the antibiotics she got sick again very quickly. she went from running around to barely moving.

This time she went to her regular vet. She got more antibiotics and lots of tests. but the antibiotics weren't stopping the vomiting and I could not get much food into her even hand feeding so back she went for a liver biopsy and a feeding tube. Then Home for the weekend and some major family time.
She got set up in the guest room with her own litter box, her favoirte basket and water dish. She seemed to be getting better but then she vomited up the feeding tube. Back to the vet to reinsert it.

I was just leaving work to pick her up to come home when I got the call … Maggie had liver cancer and it was very advanced. She would be comming home and if all went well we could expect maybe a month or two with her.

Unfortunately that was not what we got … she was fine for one day but began throwing up everything .. water food and then the feeding tube again. I saw her throw it up this time… poor kitty it was aweful.

I called the vet on Friday morning July 3 to see what I should do…but really as the vet spoke to me it was really just not going to be good..she would not be getting much better if at all and in fact would probably just continue on back to a feble painful state. THe pain meds she was already taking were only relieving part of her pain so after much talk we decided to end her suffering, poor little sweet heart… These photos are her last day with me. her last few hours.. I took her outside in the sunshine and breezes for a cuddle on her favorite lawn chair in the flower garden and a sun bath in the grass,,,,

Watching the chickens and sun bathing

Keeping an eye on Bongo who is jealously trying to horn in on some attention.

A dappled sun nap in her favorite chair.

She was the favorite while she was at the vets she got showered with love there.

Just goes to show how ill she was as she was always my ferocious calico tiger kitty!

a final look at the flowers and a listen to the birds..
anmd then blessed peace.

Her bouquet.

I laid her to rest in the flower garden near Darin. I will be getting a small perenial probably a salvia to place over her.

I will always miss her.
I miss cuddling with her and I miss her following me to the barn and sleeping with me every night. I miss her bossing everyone around and I wish she was still with me she was just ten years old.. a young cat..

Rest in Peace Magneato .. my champion cudler and gopher catcher. You will be missed.

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Butterflies fluttering by April 21, 2009

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We visited the California Academy of Science in San Francisco Golden gate park. It was amazing and so much fun. One of the exhibits was a mini rain forest complete with birds and butterflies.
 This is my favorite butterfly video.

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Evening Shadows April 18, 2009

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 Lilac Making it clear that a photograph even if it is beautiful and mysterious looking is not on her agenda. 

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ONE MORE BLOG April 3, 2009

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Good Grief I have another Blog

Hello Folks


Hello world! April 3, 2009

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Hi Every One if you are here for what ever reason you need to get yourself to


it is my regular blog

What it is and why it exists is it is a blog I started when my Mom’s cats came to live with me so she could regularly check in on their antics.

Anyway hope you join us over there.

Buzz off this is my Bush March 23, 2009

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I was in the garden a couple of weeks ago and actually got to film this sequence .




There is one point when the Hummer actually chasees off the larger bird from his tasty meal of rosemary nectar.

And I warn you if you get sea sick this may not be the video for you .. stupidly I was trying to follow the little guy with the camera.


I tried to film him today he was checking our the delightful juice of the nectarine blossoms but he would not go over there while I was any where near by. I also saw Four newly hatched little ones zooming around like little jet fighters in formation. It was amazing to watch.

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Am I a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World? March 8, 2009

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The kitties have given way to barbie dolls today.  

This was brought about by a discussion on the
 unofficial cute overload chat forum found
where we were discusing if they had made us
 insecure as some idiot 
see article here
suggested and was trying to get barbies banned
in order to get some press and not out of any real desire
to help g

This of course prompted a discussion
 between us as to how we had played
 with our barbies and how they
 had affected us

Which of course made me think about my barbies and wonder, had they affected my own self esteem because there is no way in GOD'S green earth I could ever even come close to the Barbie Doll look ;Que thoughts of Paris Hilton who, well she is built like a barbie doll and really I never have been from my short thick neck to my thick waist, thick ankles and of course my round face.

Well actually for me they were a little bit of an inspiration to be who I wanted to be. An escape from the life in an alcoholic home that I endured. Of course I did want to look that fab and have all those beautiful clothes, but she was a doll not a human.
So no she did not give me poor self esteem

So I scoured the net to find my barbie fold up case house thingy
 Which I must point out to you had way groovy furniture. IT was the late 60's mind you.

This is my first barbie doll modeling an outfit my grandmother made for her. Please take note of the awesome very in white lipstick. The bob hair cut she was very cutting edge 1965.

And below is the last Barbie I got .. Not like there were tons I only had three.

Anyway she is Malibu Barbie 1971.
She also is sporting a beautiful gown
 made by My grandma who really was
made of all things awesome.

I can show you these two because some how they survived in my Mom's house to be retrieved by me. 

This last one is a picture I found on line of what was my favorite Barbie. -She was a 1969 Brunette flip barbie I thought she was beautiful. She had my color of hair and I got her along with the really cool doll house.
She was bendable and talked and I have no idea what happened to her. In the end I found the other dress my Grandma crocheted just for her. but all I have is this picture of some one else's doll.

The reality is though that who I chose to emulate was not my Barbie dolls. Oh no not even close. Although I enjoyed playing with them.The person who was my roll model in life was the Grandma who was so full of awesomeness, who made me doll clothes and sometimes dresses for me. Who made me cookies when I spent the night and shelled peas with me and sent me out to pick fresh black berries for our ice cream. Who swept me up when my heart was breaking in her arms and let me know that no matter what I could always go to her house.
The woman who taught me to sew and love God and be a gracious woman. That was who was my roll model.

We all have paths we choose in life.. Those paths are blazed not by dolls or even the actresses or actors on TV but by the people in our lives that we see every day.

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The kitties Need?? February 22, 2009

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Seen on Little Miaos blog…  Google "[your first name] needs" and post the first 10 results.  I changed it to a few for each kitty and posted the most interesting results for each one
I did Bongo Last cause well he has some other interesting information.

Lilac needs transplanting.  (But to where?)
Lilac needs a bright sunny location in the garden, where there is good air.   (Don't We all)
lilac needs a boost after a drought.
Lilac needs access to the mysql client executable for the installer (OF course she does all kitties need computer stuff)

little one needs a new way to be carried (This is true she is heavy)
little one has curly hair that needs detangling (I found this one also to be very very true)
little one needs some fun videos (Hopefully she is not making X rated ones for youtube)
little one needs quality rest time

And the intriguing Nanny needs new little one

Magneato needs him. (Not sure who Him is but hey we all need a guy once in a while)
magneato needs to be cleaned. (LOL but does she want to be cleaned)
"Magneato needs no Supersized Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Combo! (but she will still eat the darn thing)
magneato needs outside "metal" to properly function (LOL because all kitties need a suit of Armour)

And Finally Bongo
Bongo Needs the Bible. (Of course he does.. to sit on)
Bongo needs to go– it looks space age (as opposed to?)
Bongo needs to put more fluff in it! (and one wonders fluff in what?)
Mr Bongo Needs Your Help- Another Nigerian Scam (apparently Bongo has been busy on my computer)

And Now  I found it funny that the Bongo is an animal
Here is the information on it

It is the largest of the African antelopes and can reach 800 Lbs
I find this funny because Bongo has these extremely long legs and I felt compelled to name him Bongo.

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