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Thank you card for operation write home April 14, 2014

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Thank you card for operation write home

I made this card for an operation write home challenge. I love it. It took a couple tries to figure out the glueing part but once i got there it was easy i love the free styling of it, and hope to make some other variations.



1. vanessa - August 2, 2014

I found your blog via a site that mentions you are a vegan on a special lifestyle. I would love to talk to you about this as I have wanted to be on the lifestyle you are on yet found that others in the group did not support me being vegan or were not sure how to support me. It would be great to talk to you about this. My email: breath_bend@yahoo.com
I am a yoga teacher and massage therapist and live a very healthy spiritual life except for one thing which I would like to talk to you about. Looking forward to connecting with you….Vanessa

kittyadventures - August 2, 2014

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for visiting my blogs, and commenting. it is always appreciated. Yes I am a vegan. I have found a couple of wonderful groups for support. I live in California which also helps. I have one vegetarian Daughter but the rest of my family eats meat. But I am hopeful. I chose this way of eating for health reasons. I can not say enough how wonderful it s to be healthy and not have to take medication. I am also Celiac so I avoid gluten. If you are on facebook you can join the McDougall Friends group and the protective diet group. I will also send you a PM but I like to answer any questions so anyone else who wonders can know the information too.
Here are the links for you or anyone interested.

Regarding a Plant based whole foods diet you can go to http://www.drmcdougall.com Dr. McDougall is a font of information all free to anyone who wants it. There is also a forum on there where you can get your questions answered and make connections with like minded people in your area if you are on face book there are two wonderful groups I am part of that are awesome.
Also for a more Manly approach to meals you can also go to the engine2 Diet which is a lot of recipes some firemen put together.

This of course is just the briefest of explanations.

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