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The visitor September 12, 2010

Posted by kittyadventures in Uncategorized.

Hi my name is Little Miss trouble.

I do not belong to Annie.  I live next door ..my family just moved in  and I LOVE Annie’s yard.

She has bird feeders. and gophers and omg other kitties to pester.

Stop taking pictures and pet me


And Annie always stops what ever she is doing, to pet me and hold me… and she lets me play in the hose water when she is watering the garden…

and did I mention the garden..there are all kinds of flowers and bugs to chase and bushes to hide under and places where a kitty can take a nice nap.

Like  This spot

See you around.

Pounces and purs,

Little Miss Trouble



1. lurkertype - September 13, 2010

a new kitty for a new blog — yay!

a calico, that means she has tortietude.

I love your garden, I wish mine looked 1% as nice.

2. lauowolf - September 13, 2010

Little Miss Trouble has wandered into what looks like kitty heaven there.
But you need to plant her some nip too.
(Start it from seed, under chicken wire.)

3. capnstephel - September 13, 2010

Hai Annie and Trouble! *wave*

Love the banner!

4. pyrit - September 14, 2010

Little Miss Trouble be settin’ sail fer yer vittles and twiglets!

5. Winston - May 17, 2011

cute cat

6. Winston - May 17, 2011

i love this cat

7. Elizabeth - February 26, 2012

I loved this! Cried when I read this: ” and bushes to hide under and places where a kitty can take a nice nap.” 🙂 So happy.

8. Mike - July 18, 2012

your flowers look good but you have to many in one spot its about over done but looks good i was wondering do all those flowers keep bad bugs away from fruit plants or Mellon plants

9. Mike - July 18, 2012

because i have a potato beetle problem on my
cantaloup plants and its really bad they all really did
destroyed my plants bad and i don’t have any flowers
near them so i was thinking thats my problem i
need flowers so they will bring the good bugs

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