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Vox is Moving September 5, 2010

Posted by kittyadventures in Uncategorized.

Dear Friends.. I am so sad that Vox is moving…

I really love the ease of building a blog here.. it is peobably the easiest and nicest of all the places I have tried.

And it is a very nice place with no spam.


The kitties and I want to keep in touch with all our vox friends.. so of course that means that i will need to pick a new site out for Kitty Adventures.. or go the route of actually building a full website, (This means lots of work but I am up to the task.


Please be sure to stop in and let me know where you all are moving to.. iI wold like to maybe move to the same place as everyone else..

 I do have several new posts I want to do but I will have to wait untill I move to the new diggs.



The kitties and Annie



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1. lauowolf - September 5, 2010

Redscylla has a yahoo group and a wordpress group archiving people's new locations.Wordpress is here: http://voxdiaspora.wordpress.com/Don't go getting lost in the chaos.

2. Annie - September 5, 2010

Thanks Lauowolf… I think I will be going to wordpress as i already have an account there under kittyadventures for Cute overload…
I still have to figure out how to friend people and it also gives me the option to purchase my own url etc,

As soon as I get sorted this weekend I will post to the link you gave me to and to the yahoo group.

3. jaypo - September 6, 2010

Red's group is very helpful. If you have questions or problems you can comment there and someone will give a reply. I'll also be posting occasional simple how-tos on my page as I figure things out–which I'm far from doing. Might as well share the wealth.Many of us will have private settings so be sure to notify those who do, when you're page is available.Having your own URL sounds cool. That crossed my mind also….

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