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I am the Biggest Loser January 10, 2010

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As many of you know, I am Ruebenesque! ( Annie rudely called me FAT! The nerve). Anyway since I came to live with her she has tried several times to put me on a diet. None of them worked and let us just clear this fact up right away

Diet food SUCKS! Oh yes it does and you all know it!

Anyway Annie found this Awesome Pawsome Site! It is all about how to feed your cat a healthy diet .. not the lose weight kind but the kind all kitties love and we were designed to eat. It is written by a Veterinarian and is full of tips for us hard to convert kitties. The site does promote a raw diet but it also says if you can not do the raw diet to switch to wet food only.
At the beginning I hated even wet food, so being a staunch hold out(everyone else liked the raw food…Idiots) Annie had to gradually move us… Okay me… to wet food only. And since I wouldn't eat the wet if their was dry food in the house.. the dry food had to go. Such a pity!

Yes I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dry food. Annie says that is why I am so chubby!

So the site has information on how to help your kitty gradually move from dry food to wet food and then if you want, … to a raw diet.  We may or may not move all the way to raw but Annie says for now we will stick to just eating wet food… (She said it involves a $200.00 meat grinder that is not in the budget!)

We learned a few things along the way
1. When we kitties eat a raw diet we almost never hack up Hairballs.
2. Pooping is less often and does not smell so awful.
3. The skinny cats stayed skinny and the chubby cat (I resent being called that… I am just Floofy! ) got skinnier and not too quickly which is bad for kitties
4. When you lose weight after being extremely overweight it is never a good idea to start jumping up and down off of tables. I sprained my front paw. OUCH!!! It is almost all better now.

Okay on to The Big Reveal
This is me when I arrived at Annie's house.

And a second picture so you can tell the difference

And my After pictures!

Tah Dah a sleeker me!

And one more to show off the actual waist i now have.

  And my sort of stats.
I started out at 14.5 Lbs of kitty floofiness
and now i weigh in around 8.5 to 9 Lbs we are not quite sure my acurate wieght we will find out when I go in for my checkup here pretty soon!

As you can see I am now smaller than lilac and actually fit my name

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1. LBeeeze - January 10, 2010

Just look at you!!!! You look 10 years younger!!!

2. mariser - January 10, 2010

your legs look so much longer!so nice of Annie to find a better diet for all of you.

3. Lurkertype - January 10, 2010

Beautiful! More gorgeous than ever!My floofy tortie girl has gotten Reubenesque the past couple of months, so we will be looking into this. She and TK both like wet food better anyway. I will try portion control first, I think fud hoomins have gotten too generous lately!

4. oaklandcat - January 10, 2010

She looks great!

5. metsakins - January 10, 2010

Maybe I should try it~!

6. Cap'n Stephel - January 11, 2010

Yay! I bet you feel so much better too =)

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