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Magneato’s day August 13, 2009

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Some of you know this .. some of you don't . But here it is..Magneato has crossed over the rainbow bridge it is just over a month since I laid her to rest. July 3rd 2009 I will try to get through this post as best I can, I have waited a month because it makes my heart ache beyond belief. I thought I was prepared to do it but I started crying when I looked at the pictures just now so we will see how it goes,

Back at the beginning of June Magneato got sick and stopped eating and when she did eat she kept throwing her food up. This started late in the week and by Saturday morning I was gravely concerned and took her to the emergency vet. They gave her antibiotics and she came home and seemed to recover but a week after stopping the antibiotics she got sick again very quickly. she went from running around to barely moving.

This time she went to her regular vet. She got more antibiotics and lots of tests. but the antibiotics weren't stopping the vomiting and I could not get much food into her even hand feeding so back she went for a liver biopsy and a feeding tube. Then Home for the weekend and some major family time.
She got set up in the guest room with her own litter box, her favoirte basket and water dish. She seemed to be getting better but then she vomited up the feeding tube. Back to the vet to reinsert it.

I was just leaving work to pick her up to come home when I got the call … Maggie had liver cancer and it was very advanced. She would be comming home and if all went well we could expect maybe a month or two with her.

Unfortunately that was not what we got … she was fine for one day but began throwing up everything .. water food and then the feeding tube again. I saw her throw it up this time… poor kitty it was aweful.

I called the vet on Friday morning July 3 to see what I should do…but really as the vet spoke to me it was really just not going to be good..she would not be getting much better if at all and in fact would probably just continue on back to a feble painful state. THe pain meds she was already taking were only relieving part of her pain so after much talk we decided to end her suffering, poor little sweet heart… These photos are her last day with me. her last few hours.. I took her outside in the sunshine and breezes for a cuddle on her favorite lawn chair in the flower garden and a sun bath in the grass,,,,

Watching the chickens and sun bathing

Keeping an eye on Bongo who is jealously trying to horn in on some attention.

A dappled sun nap in her favorite chair.

She was the favorite while she was at the vets she got showered with love there.

Just goes to show how ill she was as she was always my ferocious calico tiger kitty!

a final look at the flowers and a listen to the birds..
anmd then blessed peace.

Her bouquet.

I laid her to rest in the flower garden near Darin. I will be getting a small perenial probably a salvia to place over her.

I will always miss her.
I miss cuddling with her and I miss her following me to the barn and sleeping with me every night. I miss her bossing everyone around and I wish she was still with me she was just ten years old.. a young cat..

Rest in Peace Magneato .. my champion cudler and gopher catcher. You will be missed.

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1. LBeeeze - August 12, 2009

Oh my.

2. Annie - August 12, 2009

Thanks Lbreeze I miss her so much!

3. oaklandcat - August 12, 2009

Dear sweet Annie, I am so so sorry for your loss.

4. Autumnchilde - August 13, 2009

Oh I am so sorry for your loss, I truly truly know the pain and sorrow you are going through right now, have been through it with my cats in the past. Its heartbreaking but she will be always with you.

5. metsakins - August 13, 2009

She and Huggy have finally met and are comparing notes on how to totally pwn your human. Then my Handsome comes over and starts to groom them, but it's a trap, watch out girls! and Darin watches, amazed that the girls fall for it. Her and Handsome are now fighting it out for who is the bossy-est while Huggy and Darin take sun bathes. They are all free of pain now, but were all with us too short a time. There is just never enough time to finish loving your kitties.

6. Lurkertype - August 13, 2009

It is always sad to lose a kitty, I know how you feel. I am tearing up b/c I ❤ Magneato for being a tough tortie/calico boss. Many hugs to you and yours.

7. whiskers - August 13, 2009

{{{{{{{Annie}}}}}}}I'm so sorry, 😦

8. LBeeeze - August 13, 2009

I'm sure you do.

9. Peg of Tilling - August 13, 2009

I'm so sorry!

10. Cap'n Stephel - August 14, 2009

Awwwww. *hug* You made me tear up. It's always so hard losing a pet

11. Pyro-pixie - August 19, 2009

I am so sorry to hear your darling has passed on. (hugs)

12. Deodand - October 17, 2009

Hi Annie – I surfed over from CO to see Bongo's pics. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I also feel that ten years is not enough for a cat.

13. Mela - November 8, 2011

This post made me cry. I could see her following you to the bar and bossing everyone else around. It made me think of my childhood cat, Mim, who I thought of as my little brother. He was the kind of cat that made me wonder how anyone could ever dislike cats. He slept with me every night, out of a family of 7, because I was the smallest and he had the most room, but also, because he was watching over me. He used to attack my feet under the blankets. 🙂 He was only 12, died of kidney failure.

Its been 18 years and I still miss him. I became incredibly allergic to cats in my teens (the only one of 5 kids who is!!) so I can’t have a cat without breaking into hives and sneezing nonstop. I deal with this allergy by telling myself the Universe is saving me from being a crazy cat lady. I now have an English bulldog who has a very cat like personality in many respects, but I am not sure that I could ever feel the same way about a dog as I did about my Mim. :/

14. Mela - November 8, 2011

Barn* not bar! When my mom would leave the house to run errands, Mim would follow her down the block till she noticed him and ordered him to return home. And when she was in a bad mood and crying and yelling, and the rest of the family avoided her, he would sit by her and comfort her. He was also a champion mouser, and would proudly present my older siblings with dead mice and pigeons.

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