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Am I a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World? March 8, 2009

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The kitties have given way to barbie dolls today.  

This was brought about by a discussion on the
 unofficial cute overload chat forum found
where we were discusing if they had made us
 insecure as some idiot 
see article here
suggested and was trying to get barbies banned
in order to get some press and not out of any real desire
to help g

This of course prompted a discussion
 between us as to how we had played
 with our barbies and how they
 had affected us

Which of course made me think about my barbies and wonder, had they affected my own self esteem because there is no way in GOD'S green earth I could ever even come close to the Barbie Doll look ;Que thoughts of Paris Hilton who, well she is built like a barbie doll and really I never have been from my short thick neck to my thick waist, thick ankles and of course my round face.

Well actually for me they were a little bit of an inspiration to be who I wanted to be. An escape from the life in an alcoholic home that I endured. Of course I did want to look that fab and have all those beautiful clothes, but she was a doll not a human.
So no she did not give me poor self esteem

So I scoured the net to find my barbie fold up case house thingy
 Which I must point out to you had way groovy furniture. IT was the late 60's mind you.

This is my first barbie doll modeling an outfit my grandmother made for her. Please take note of the awesome very in white lipstick. The bob hair cut she was very cutting edge 1965.

And below is the last Barbie I got .. Not like there were tons I only had three.

Anyway she is Malibu Barbie 1971.
She also is sporting a beautiful gown
 made by My grandma who really was
made of all things awesome.

I can show you these two because some how they survived in my Mom's house to be retrieved by me. 

This last one is a picture I found on line of what was my favorite Barbie. -She was a 1969 Brunette flip barbie I thought she was beautiful. She had my color of hair and I got her along with the really cool doll house.
She was bendable and talked and I have no idea what happened to her. In the end I found the other dress my Grandma crocheted just for her. but all I have is this picture of some one else's doll.

The reality is though that who I chose to emulate was not my Barbie dolls. Oh no not even close. Although I enjoyed playing with them.The person who was my roll model in life was the Grandma who was so full of awesomeness, who made me doll clothes and sometimes dresses for me. Who made me cookies when I spent the night and shelled peas with me and sent me out to pick fresh black berries for our ice cream. Who swept me up when my heart was breaking in her arms and let me know that no matter what I could always go to her house.
The woman who taught me to sew and love God and be a gracious woman. That was who was my roll model.

We all have paths we choose in life.. Those paths are blazed not by dolls or even the actresses or actors on TV but by the people in our lives that we see every day.

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1. Morgat - March 8, 2009

This is a wonderful post. (please pass the kleenex…) I'm so glad you had your Grandma to love you through everything!!! (My grandma was teh awesome, too!)
I played with Barbies, and they didn't hurt my self-esteem… (some of the kids at school, now they were a different story). I had a bendable Barbie with a dark brown bob… I'll see if I can find one of her ilk with the help of google… found a redhead… she was from 1965-66

2. Annie - March 8, 2009

ThanksLOL I saw your Doll on line too. You know this will leave you looking for hours. Just a warning.

3. LBeeeze - March 8, 2009

Your grandmother sounds like she was a grand lady.

4. Annie - March 8, 2009

Thanks Lbreeze she was really special.

5. Cap'n Stephel - March 8, 2009

I always enjoyed playing with my Barbies, but I never wanted to look like them. It's so cool that you were able to hang on to them. I kind of wish I still had one or two. Maybe I'll find a couple of pics…

6. Empress Nasi Goreng - March 8, 2009

Such wonderful memories of your grandma. 🙂
I had a couple of Barbies which my friends and I liked to use to play "grown up" games, eg, going on dates with the Six Million Dollar Man (this was my brother's) etc etc. The Barbie I really wish I had hung onto was Growing up Skipper (you would twist her arm back to make her grow boobs!). She would be worth a fortune on ebay these days.
My daughter went through her Barbie phase at around age 4 and used to use them to act out scenes from movies like the Wizard of Oz. They were pretty much forgotten by the time she got to school and certainly don't seem to have had any long lasting harmful effect on her.
(Funny that you and I both reminiscing about childhood dolls in our blogs at the moment).

7. Morgat - March 8, 2009

The age for playing with Barbies does seem to have gone down — I played with them in Grade 4 — and now kids are playing with them at age 4!!!

8. Cap'n Stephel - March 8, 2009

This was one Barbie I had…her hair got all tangled up, lol. Another one that I really liked (that I can't find right now) was an Ariel doll..I think she went from being a mermaid to wearing the dress she was almost kissed in. Ah, memories

9. Annie - March 8, 2009

I just lucked out that my Mom had not given them away.

10. Annie - March 8, 2009

I think because they are pushed to grow up too fast our kids.I think it is a shame.

11. Annie - March 8, 2009

Hi Empress welcome to my blog. Yes I think most of us used them for grown up style play. LOL I forgot about the growing up skipper doll she came out when I was all grown up.She probably would be worth a lot of money.

12. Annie - March 8, 2009

LOL Stephel I love that long hair. and of course the Ariel doll was beautiful too. HEhehehe

13. Morgat - March 9, 2009

Annie!!! Did you see the Vox Hunt today, Monday??? "Show us a Barbie doll". You must be psychic!!!!

14. Annie - March 9, 2009

HEhehe Barbie must be in the air because of her 50th birthday

15. Cap'n Stephel - March 9, 2009

*snicker* When I was watching the YouTube ad, I watched a few others and was reminded of the other ones I wanted

16. Cap'n Stephel - March 9, 2009

Yup. I remember giving all of mine away. Who knows where they are and if they're still in one piece, lol!

17. Morgat - March 9, 2009

Nearly all my dolls, Barbies, my walking dolls, all my other dolls (except the best doll in the whole world, Suzy) had to be thrown out after we had a fire in our house basement. The dolls were either damaged by smoke, water, or melting… They'd all been down there (I was grown up, already, or it would have been exceedingly traumatic!!!). I was soooo glad that when we'd moved to the city apartment (but kept the farm and farmhouse) that I'd taken Suzy with me. But all the Barbies were gone. The one I wish I still had was my Skipper. She had silky red hair, and darker skin than some (my friend had a Skipper from the same era, whose hair was not nearly as nice). Dad bought her for me when my mother was in hospital in the city having an operation on her lung. I'll see if I can find a picture on the innertubes… Then, in defiance of the Vox Hunt, I'll post a picture of Skipper instead of Barbie!

18. Cap'n Stephel - March 9, 2009

Ha! Yeah Skipper! I had one Skipper doll…nothing specific about her stands out.Melting Barbies…eep!

19. Empress Nasi Goreng - March 9, 2009

I also think that kids have so much more access to expensive toys than we have, ie, I only ever had three Barbie-type dolls and they were all special presents for birthday or Christmas. My daughter on the other hand just had to mention that she wanted a Barbie and the grandparental floodgates opened. lol!

20. Empress Nasi Goreng - March 9, 2009

How awful, Morgat. I think most of my dolls met a sticky end at the hands of my brothers. 😦

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