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The kitties Need?? February 22, 2009

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Seen on Little Miaos blog…  Google "[your first name] needs" and post the first 10 results.  I changed it to a few for each kitty and posted the most interesting results for each one
I did Bongo Last cause well he has some other interesting information.

Lilac needs transplanting.  (But to where?)
Lilac needs a bright sunny location in the garden, where there is good air.   (Don't We all)
lilac needs a boost after a drought.
Lilac needs access to the mysql client executable for the installer (OF course she does all kitties need computer stuff)

little one needs a new way to be carried (This is true she is heavy)
little one has curly hair that needs detangling (I found this one also to be very very true)
little one needs some fun videos (Hopefully she is not making X rated ones for youtube)
little one needs quality rest time

And the intriguing Nanny needs new little one

Magneato needs him. (Not sure who Him is but hey we all need a guy once in a while)
magneato needs to be cleaned. (LOL but does she want to be cleaned)
"Magneato needs no Supersized Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Combo! (but she will still eat the darn thing)
magneato needs outside "metal" to properly function (LOL because all kitties need a suit of Armour)

And Finally Bongo
Bongo Needs the Bible. (Of course he does.. to sit on)
Bongo needs to go– it looks space age (as opposed to?)
Bongo needs to put more fluff in it! (and one wonders fluff in what?)
Mr Bongo Needs Your Help- Another Nigerian Scam (apparently Bongo has been busy on my computer)

And Now  I found it funny that the Bongo is an animal
Here is the information on it

It is the largest of the African antelopes and can reach 800 Lbs
I find this funny because Bongo has these extremely long legs and I felt compelled to name him Bongo.

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1. Cap'n Stephel - February 22, 2009


2. pyrl - February 22, 2009

You have kitty-napped the meme!Yay for long-legged kitties! Hello Bongo & Co.I keep seeing this meme around the Vox 'hood. No idea what it is, but I think I like it.

3. Bugmom - February 26, 2009

Annie, this is great! You are too cute for words. ♥

4. Cyanide - February 26, 2009

I haven't been to Vox for months! OMG this is soo funny! I must do it with Boomer and Kazi and do a post!

5. Annie - February 27, 2009

LOL I can't wait to see the results

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