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Lilac’s Gift January 18, 2009

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Dear Metsakins,

Thank you so  much for my beautiful gift of red tissue wrapping paper.
I just got it today and have been playing with it and sleeping on it ever since

It is crinkly and soft and fun.
Please accept my apologies for being so late in thanking you but Annie was very RUDE and did not give it to me until this afternoon.
I love it

Hugs Purrs and kitty kisses.

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1. Cap'n Stephel - January 17, 2009

It looks so lovely with your fur, Lilac!

2. Lurkertype - January 17, 2009

My kittehs would both shred it into confetti. Lilac is so much more refined (except when she's got her butt on Baby Jesus).

3. little miao - January 18, 2009

wrapping paper makes the best present, doesn't it?

4. pyrl - January 18, 2009

OOF! Look at the crossed pawzez, those pious eyes. Wow.She looks like she just landed there on her magical red flying carpet.Beautiful, Annie.

5. metsakins - January 18, 2009

Lilac, Please don't be mad at Annie. I didn't tell her to give you the tissue paper and she must have thought it was for her! It goes very nicely with your fur, Miss Lilac. Enjoy!

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