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Lions Tigers and ……….. November 17, 2008

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Coati Mondi's


You thought I was going to say bears didn't you.



These guys were frisking all over their area.


It was really hard to get a photo of them.

Of course patience won out in the end.








And here go the lions.. Don't you wish you had hair like that.


Okay maybe you don't but I do!






And here is his Mate. She was so pretty just hanging around










This Mama Lion was sitting on a shelf.. Looking through a window at all the zoo visitors looking at her.

As soon as any little kids showed up she was lasered onto them… in full hunting mode. ready to pounce.

It was amazing. I thought If I lived on the Savanah I would be worried for my babies safety with her there. 




These are the Tiger and her cubs.. There were three cubs but I only ever caught two of them on camera at any one time. One of them was off exploring some of the other areas of their sanctuary




Okay and I put this last one in even though it isn't the best of shots becasue this little tiger was trying to nurse. MAma was not to keen on it aparently they are being weaned by Mama.


Don't worry our sheep do this too they only let them get just so much milk and gradually stop allowing them to nurse.



 Please note all big cat pictures are taken through a plexi glass wndow for zoo visitors saftey which is why they are slightly blurry. 

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1. Metz - November 17, 2008

(tries to pet velvet noses barely escapes with arm intact)
OMG ! ! ! !

2. Cap'n Stephel - November 17, 2008

Those Coati Mondis look like a cross between a panda and a raccoon or cat

3. brinnann - November 18, 2008

I thought we'd ended up with four bebeh tiggers?

4. LBeeeze - November 18, 2008

Very nice. I bet it was loads of fun !!

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