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Cute Overload Reality Casual Friday November 8, 2008

Posted by kittyadventures in Uncategorized.

 The gif below was created with Sqirlz Morph and Gimp and using the suggestions Teho Made in the comments section of my original post. I expect I will be making other ones too. This is my Second official one I dinked around with it a lot and made some tests with the Skirlzs which is very user friendly if you have a little bit of graphic skills. (It didn't take much) And if you aren't afraid to plunge in and press buttones. Also the insturctions in the help are excellent. Very easy to read and understand for the most part. SO I give the Skirlz a big thumbs up. The GImp is easier than using Corel Draw but that goes with out saying as Corel is designed for the print industry.


The Film above was made with Morpheus but I did not resize the pictures for it. It is a very user friendly program but I found the sqirlz program to be more comprehinsive and the morph was smoother.

All this comes with a big thanks to Teho

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1. oaklandcat - November 8, 2008

Did you make this?

2. Lurkertype - November 8, 2008

show it to Teho!

3. Annie - November 8, 2008

yes it is my first one. Do you like it.. IT is really time consuming.
Next time Teho does one I will really appreciate it more!

4. Annie - November 8, 2008

I sent him a link He actually told me about Gimp and some other one too so I could actually try these. I downloaded Gimp and then fiddled witha nother one online then tried this one for free. I may buy this one becasue it is pretty fun,
Unfortunately it was really late where he is by the time I sent it to him… Plus well it isn't Friday anymore
but maybe for the next Friday I can do another one
They take a really long time to make.more time than you think,, so When he does another one I will totally appreciate it.

5. oaklandcat - November 8, 2008

Yes, I'm really impressed!

6. Cap'n Stephel - November 8, 2008

Nice job! I have Gimp and enjoy playing with it. How'd you do this?

7. Theo - November 9, 2008

The morphing isn't done by GIMP, actually; I use that for generalized photo editing. It's what I have instead of Photoshop (expensive). I use Sqirlz Morph for that, though it sounds like Annie might've used something different.

8. Theo - November 9, 2008

Not bad, not bad at all, especially for a first effort. But you know I'm'a wade right in here. First, what's up with that weird diagonal shear from the upper left to lower right? I'm guessing that's not your error, but rather a quirk of the software. Sqirlz doesn't to that for me, btw. Second, can you make it an endless loop in animated .GIF format? I know it ends up looking grainy, but that's the easiest thing to embed into a TypePad post. Third, and this is more like my next steps in the learning process of animating this stuff: If you take the photos you've chosen to morph together, and prepare them ahead of time with GIMP (or whichever photo editor you prefer), using semi-transparent layers to temporarily overlay each image, you'll end up with a better/smoother result. Here's what I mean: You can take your morph frames and scale them, so the faces (or whatever you're specifically trying to morph) to be approximately the same size. You can also rotate them so they're lined up, and center them so that the eyes/ears/noses of one image are stacked right on top of those from another image. You might have to fudge some background areas afterward, y'know, filling the odd blank patches in with the clone stamp tool, or some judicious copy-and-paste, etc. Crop them to a uniform size, and save these processed individual morph frames with different filenames. THEN, load 'em all into your morphing software, and go nuts. (Don't skimp on your control points, and line them up carefully!)

9. Theo - November 9, 2008

Forgot to mention — that's a very generalized overview of how I made this, recently. It wasn't my best, but I really liked the cookie turtle.

10. Annie - November 9, 2008

I used Morpheus.. IT was a free trial version.. but was way more user friendly than the other program I tried and gives you lots more points of reference. IT costs I think about $30 but I wanted to try it aout a bit before I decided weather to buy or not.

11. Annie - November 9, 2008

Actually Teho Thanks for wading in.. and thanks for telling me about GIMP… I really like it though no I didn't use it for this one. I used Morpheus ( a free trial version).. Now I am going to go try the other one you suggested or that you use Sqirlz morph..
I do like the gimp or what I got to try out on it so far.
And it is free which totally beats the Expensive stuff I was looking at purchasing.

It is funny you mentioned about the resizing because when I finished this one it is the first thing I thought of.. that if I had dinked with the photos and resized them they would morph a lot better. I willl be sure to do that next time. Also it sounds like you do even more manipulation than I had thought of doing…. thanks for the tips
Also I had wondered about making it a continuous loop so I will add that to my adjustments
The smear is weird I assumed it was becasue all the pictures were different sizes and located at different places on the photos.

Thanks for the tips Teho.. I will mess a bit more with this one and try a few more..(practice, practice , practice)
I do need to check out the Sqirlz morph too because it sounds like it is a better quality program.

12. Theo - November 9, 2008

re: Sqirlz — don't judge it by its gradeschool-looking website. The software works.Another GIMP tip — after you've finished the morph & have your working animated .GIF file, you can open that in GIMP, and the individual frames will appear as separate layers of 100ms each. I usually tweak up a few key frames (the "ends" of each morph sequence) to last longer, so folks can see what's going on. It's just a matter of carefully renaming the layers, substituting (100ms) with (1000ms) or (3000ms) or whatever, where appropriate. Then, re-save in .GIF format, animated, accepting the defaults for the other settings.

13. Annie - November 9, 2008

Okay The Skirlz is Awesome I added the Gif to this post and it is much better, I resized the pictures so the faces were relatively the same size and close to the same place in the photographs. IT makes a much better Morph and takes a considerable amount of time.
I need to practice more using the layer stuff on GImp I didn't quiet get it figured out but I will.
Next up Making the dog slide the panda rock and the pug swing.
Thank goodness I had no spanish Homework this weekend .. That used up tons of hours LOL.

Thanks for all your suggestions

14. Theo - November 9, 2008

Wull hayyyle, girl, ya learn fast. Just a tad more cropping to square it up, and that little .GIF would make a truly eye-catching Vox icon (or, y'know, LiveJournal or whatever else).

15. Cap'n Stephel - November 9, 2008

Thanks for the link! I bookmarked the site and will be downloading the program. I love all the fun stuff with Gimp (being able to fractal photos, the sparkle feature, neon, etc) and that's what I use at home. I have Photoshop at work, which seems like more of a "serious" program to me. Gimp is better either way you look at it.I'll be stalking you if I run into any problems, lol. This will be fun! Thanks for all of your suggestions as well

16. Cap'n Stephel - November 9, 2008

Gotcha. You have released my morphing beast!

17. Annie - November 9, 2008

LOL Me too. Thaks to Teho's Suggestions I see I will be busy manipulating photos with this.

18. Cap'n Stephel - November 9, 2008

Looks like you have already been busy! Haha!

19. pyrl - November 12, 2008

Impressive! (said while holding head to keep brains from spilling)
A bit mind-blowing.

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