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Death Arrives On Silent Wings November 3, 2008

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Oh Hai Every One!

Yesterday was the most scariest day ever.





The chickens were running

around like usual and

Quack was taking a bath

and spending too long in

there as usual.





Then out of no where the hawk SWOOPED down and killed Annies newest chicken named Blue. She was a smaller chicken than some of the others but it scared everybody.




Annie's Husband came outside and startled the hawk and the hawk flew away. He said the hawk must have been really hungry, cause they never ever bug teh chickens. Annie said yes but they do go after the smaller hens occasionally. She was still surprised that Blue got taken.

The Chickens and Rooster hid under a bush for two hours and me and the other kitties stayed inside for that long too.


Nobody wants to get pounced on by a hawk..


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1. Lurkertype - November 2, 2008

oh noes Lilac!I'm glad you and the other kitties are okay. that was mean of the hawk to kill the chicken and not even eat it.

2. Metz - November 2, 2008

Oh dear, give Annie extra snuggles and hugz I'll bet she's sad about her Blue.

3. the Wildlife Snaparazzo - November 2, 2008

Oh! Poor Blue. I hope she didn't suffer. It's a shame you can't hire a meerkat to do 'sentry duty'.

4. Annie - November 2, 2008

We really were surprised he went after her as he hangs continually in the yard and chases and catches many of the small gophers and ground squirells.

5. Cap'n Stephel - November 2, 2008

Uh oh! *whew* Close one! Be careful out there

6. Annie - November 2, 2008

HE got frightened away by My Husband and then we kept going out to check on the rest so he didn't return.

7. metsakins - November 3, 2008

Poor Blue andd poor Annie and Lilac, sooo scary.

8. Laney - November 7, 2008

Oh no 😦

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