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Here We Go Again October 31, 2008

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I just posted this over at this years November NABLOPOMO.

For those who don't know it is a lot of people bloging every day for the month of November

If you would like to join in go here. I did it last year and really had a good time. I tried to BLOG365 for this year but school and life kind of got in the way. I am back at it agin for another month.

Let me know if you are joining so I can go by to visit your blog.

anyway below is my post from myNABLOPOMO site.

A year has gone by and here I am again starting a day early actually and making a confession for my first post. After completing Nablopomo last year I attempted to continue on with blog365 but I failed miserably. So here I am again starting off fresh of course with kitty tales, and sheep stories, chicken capers, one ducks life in the barn yard, and of course the latest fishy frolics.

I may be adding bits of stories from other animals in the lives of my friends.

If you find your way here and think that you might like to see more stories of the kittys and their friends you can find them here at Kitty Adventures , which is my VOX Blog.

For those of you who don't know me I give this quick brief explanation, two of my kitties came to me from my Mother who became ill and passed away about a year ago. The stories of the kitties on a Blog came about as a way for her to still see how her kitties were doing. IT turned into something special for me as they twined their kitty souls into my heart.

I miss my Mom, and I am thankful that her kitties have come to live with me and be a part of my life.

Thanks for visiting … IF you come to my page please leave a comment.. It is always nice to know someone has come, visited and been entertained.

I hope to meet some of you this month on your blogs too.

As always with delight and curiosity and Joy

Annie J and of course

The Kitties

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1. Aubrey - October 31, 2008

The simplicity and sincerity of animals is always theraputic – it kind of keeps you focused, doesn't it?

2. LBeeeze - October 31, 2008

This was so sweet. I didn't know your kitties were from your mom.

3. mariser - October 31, 2008

I heart Kitty Adventures and will be checkin' on y'all.
I think I knew two of the kitties (Lilac and Little One) used to stay with your mom. I didn't know you started the blog so your mom could keep up with her babies. that is so sweet. you are so sweet.

4. Cap'n Stephel - October 31, 2008

Good luck! Happy Halloween!

5. Annie - October 31, 2008

Yes.. There is something about animals that Keeps a person on point and focused. I know my llife woud be very dull without them in it.

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