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Minus One of Her Nine Lives August 28, 2008

Posted by kittyadventures in Uncategorized.

OMG Major scare this evening and I will probably be going with Lilac to the Vet tomorrow.

I was gonna go walking with my friend this evening and I closed the garage door as we were leaving. We walked out side and Lilac's rear end half was hanging out of the top of the garage door squirming like mad. I freaked out ran back in opened the garage door, she ran up into the garage rafters. And I was completely beside myself scared for her crying … Trying to get her to come down

Of course she was terrified and ran back across the garage door and over to the garage refrigerator but was too terrified to come close enough for me to get hold of her and be sure she was okay.

Finally after a few moments she let me pick her up and hold her and examine her.

She seemed fine just really shook up. So after making sure she was not in any distress or pain any where I went for a quick walk to let her settle down and of course me too.

She didn't come out right away when we got back but as soon as she heard dinner on the table she magically showed up.

Poor Little Poppet.. She is bruised around her waist and is not comfortable to lay down in her usual sprawling fashion but otherwise seems unscathed… Still tomorrow Morning she will be off to the vet for a quick once over.. There are no near by vets for emergency stuff after hours.

The Garage door may never be the same and neither will I ..
By the way I looked for her when I closed it. All I can think is she was up on the wrong side of the garage and was making a dash to get down before it closed but got on it too late.

I aged five years in that 20 seconds

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1. metsakins - August 27, 2008

Poor kitty give her kisses for me.

2. Annie - August 27, 2008

Thanks Metsie I will!

3. oaklandcat - August 27, 2008

I am so glad she is moving around and eating. That is a very good sign. Poor Annie, what a scare!

4. Annie - August 27, 2008

I know poor thing… She actually decommissioned the door. The wire got cut apart so it goes up but not down now.So I guess she got her revenge.

5. Lurkertype - August 27, 2008

well she showed that door who's boss!I hope she's just bruised and there's no damage to her insides.

6. little miao - August 28, 2008

Poor sweet Lilac. What a horrible experience for both of you. I hope her appointment goes well!

7. Bugmom - August 28, 2008

Holy cow Annie I would have wigged out!!!
I am so happy Lilac is ok, but be sure to let us know what the vet says. Poor sweet kitty……

8. Cyanide - August 31, 2008

EEEEEEK!!!! I am so glad you had posted of her recovery before I saw this!!!!!! POOR LILAC!!! I can only imagine the sickening feeling you had when you saw her stuck!!!! Naughty door!

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