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California Cute Talkers Meet again August 19, 2008

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Okay so those of us living in California got together to go see a play… It was cute and had leprechauns and faeries in it… and we had a blast.
Here are some of the photos of us First off.I drove up and Roger and Oaklandcat road over on the bart(Bay Area Rapid Transit) train… I would have taken the train too but it doesn't run all the way out where I live on the weekends so I drove up.

This is a look at part of the set. And of course the backs of some total strangers heads. The play was set in an Irish pub.. (Well of course there are Faeries and leprechauns). The play was called the Three Leaf Clover. After the play we went to have dinner…. now if there had been an Irish pub about that would have been the perfect place to go eat but since there wasn't one, so we had Mediterranean… at the Pomegranate. It was delicious. I would tell you what I ordered but I can't pronounce it!  For those who don't Know R's Boyfriend was in it and let's just say he is even cuter in real life than in his pictures. He is a good actor and he is adorable with his girl. Oh and not to go out of order but part of the play was audience interactive it was fun and cool and I loved it.

Okay back to eating. After dinner we took photos.
see here we are

Then as we were headed back to the car and the train we got to the theater just before the next show and two of the faeries were out side so of course we had to get a picture with them

We had a great time

By the way Metsie if you look Really close you can see the GLITTER!


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1. Cyanide - August 18, 2008

I have a confession – I peeked at these pictures yesterday . . . But I liked the added dialogue.

Looks like a great time – and that set is brilliant!
Wish I was there!

2. Cap'n Stephel - August 19, 2008

😀 yay!

3. Annie - August 19, 2008

We wish you were there too. you would have loved it… IT was Funny!

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