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Kayak Kat August 12, 2008

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This is my hand made kayak… note it's sleek lines. Almost as sleek as me.


Annie and her SO made it but really it is mine.


See how purrfectly I fit inside the kayak.

Sized for my comfort, obviously it was made exclusively for me!


See how it sits on the grass just like it was in the water, only dry so I can enjoy it.


And Finally as you can see it matches my furr. Proof Positive that it is my Kayak, and belongs to nobody else!


Purrs and paw pats


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1. Cyanide - August 11, 2008

Bleeen! I
t matches very nicely indeed!!! Wasn't it nice of them to build that just for you.

2. metsakins - August 12, 2008

Almost as sleek and bootifull as you, but not quite.

3. Cap'n Stephel - August 19, 2008

SQUEE! Yup, that's definitely your kayak

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