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Happy Birthday TEHO August 10, 2008

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Happy Birthday Theo!
Some jokes you might enjoy.

Thanks for all the witty comments on CO!  They make me laugh! I Hope these make you laugh!


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1. Lurkertype - August 10, 2008

about "break glass"–back in 1999 when everyone was paranoid about Y2K, a friend bought a cheap abacus and gave it to Mr. LT for his b-day. just as a gag gift. his company was working to make sure all their stuff was up to date.he thought it was so clever he stuck it to the outside wall of his cubicle with a sign that said "guaranteed to not be affected by Y2K". we still have it in the box.

2. Annie - August 10, 2008

LOL Y2K was really funny…. I knew how bad it could have been but people just went over the top about it. I love having little gadgets that work with out electricity… you know just in case of sunspots and such ; )

3. Lurkertype - August 10, 2008

later he found a small slide rule and taped that to it in case they needed fancier math. he was all set!the people who thought the world was going to end were so stupid. the companies that profited off selling the survival crap had to relabel everything "earthquake/hurricane/tornado/blizzard" supplies on Jan. 1!!!

4. Annie - August 10, 2008

Hehehehe… Too true

5. Teho - August 11, 2008

Ever seen one of these? Go-anywhere retro tech.

6. Teho - August 11, 2008

…and thanks, Annie. 'Twas a happy birthday indeed. Let me just say this right now, though: There is no way in hell I'll be able to remember the birthdays of anyone I know only through the internet, and nobody should take this personally. I have a hard enough time remembering my own anniversary.

7. Annie - August 11, 2008

LOL Teho there is like 100's of us to your one… Of course not… Glad you had a great Birthday! : )

8. Annie - August 11, 2008

It is like the swiss army knife of watches… everything but a compass

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