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Where’s the Quackers? August 9, 2008

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Quick you wascally human get me some quakers. I am hungry you know.  No… you did not see those camper kids feeding me bread, or those little minnows I just ate, or the duck weed I was munching on! Really I haven't eaten for days. Can't you tell!

I really like trail mix bars and yours are so healthy with just dried fruit and rice and rice syrup… Well okay the rice syrup might not be too good for me but the rest is! Pay no attention to the fact that I wouldn't get that stuff out here in the wild. Just gimme the goodies!

(One of the less than a year old ducks we saw at the lake. they were just swimming around and eating bugs until I opened my trail bar wrapper…. Just like a cat and a can of Tuna… Waddle Waddle and they were there. FEED ME Quick!)

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1. jaypo - August 9, 2008

"Just gimme the goodies!" :-DWhat a great expression on that quacky fellow's face!

2. Tammie - August 9, 2008

Oh…I love this- the ducks out at the lake here do the same thing, and everyone feeds them. I don't think these fellows ever get full LOL!!!

3. LBeeeze - August 9, 2008

Just gimme the goodies NOW !! I'm dyin' here…can't you tell….I'm about to expire….so gran-O-LA…that's right….that's what I said…gran-O-LA naaaaaaaow !!
LOL….great pic !! I love the expression on his face !!

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