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Singing Soprano July 23, 2008

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Well the deed has been done. Bongo is definitely a boy and he has now had his shots and been sniped. Yes he is now a responsible kitty cat…
Now sit back and relax and hear the story…

So since I corralled Bongo in the spare room I have made repeated attempts to touch Bongo to no avail. Lets just say I am a big Chicken…. also after you try to touch him he hurls himself against the window in an attempt to escape. .Also he and Little one have been playing grabby paw under the door with each other and not in a loving lets play manner … This is WAR> My carpet at the door is now pretty much shredded.

And for the first two days Bongo didn't go Pee.. and then he peed on a towel I had laid down on the floor… no where near the litter box. So I treked over to the vet that helped us with Darin figuring they had a smaller office and it would be less stressful for my little mostly feral cat. And Scheduled the operation for Monday morning figuring no amount of time was going to make it better for Bongo in fact the sooner we got the operation done the better for him. I warned them he was pretty feral and wouldn't let me touch him at all. they offered to board him over the weekend I said okay I may be back, if I can catch him. Leaving the office and arriving home I find a used litter box and a slightly calmer kitty.
So he gets to spend the weekend in my spare room . Hurling himself at the window at every opportunity. (actually usually in the evening)

Monday morning comes and my 45 minute ordeal to get Bongo Loaded into the carrier.

Okay picture this                                                                  

Wait hang on let me go take a photo It is better that way.     

Yep that is right full on winter gear and it is 85 out.

So I start by trying to get hold of Bongo ..
This was a mistake he ran in circles around the room
and flung himself at the window some more … So I think okay block him out from under the bed so I start blockading the bed he crawls under there again .. So I let him and finish blocking it off and use a broom to shoo him out. HE gets out and I think okay I can get him now.. No he finds a way back under the bed. I rearrange the blockade only now he knows what I am up to, it takes fifteen minutes to get him out now.

He positions himself under the dressing table… I line up the carrier so he has to go into it then more blockading then I try to shove him into the carrier

Did you ever notice how an eight pound cat can be as strong as a 80 pound dog.  He bit me! yep good thing I had on those Leather gloves .
So I get him into the carrier but can not get the door closed. He escapes and we begin again and this time he is not going in the carrier. I reposition and use a book (The making of Myst 2, it is big) to block him from any movement out and pretend the book is a steam shovel and keep pushing him further into the carrier… He is very very strong. finally he is in, the door  is closed and I am exhausted, He is ready for round three.

We arrive at the vet I warn again about chompage and they say oh we will leave him in the carrier until operating time

The day goes by I arrive back at the vet and bring him home he is still woozy so I leave him in the carrier and pet him a little.. HE doesn't like it.
I let him out in an hour and he begins hurling himself at the window again only now he is not agile and is falling and banging around .. Back to the blockade under the bed.

He has to stay in one more day then he is free to go back outside.

He will be so happy. I hope in a year he will eventually let us touch him but for now I know he can't make more Bongos and has had his shots and hopefully won't be spraying my garage and back room.

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1. LBeeeze - July 22, 2008

You are so brave….I was totally confused when I saw all the winter gear….and then I figured it out… Wow….what a handful !! Great story !! Hope he comes back around.

2. Annie - July 22, 2008

Yeah I hope he doesn't just run away and I had it all on so when I got ahold of him I wouldn't be shredded. HEhehehe

3. oaklandcat - July 22, 2008

Well you were right about Bongo– a total tomcat. Not anymore! 😉

4. musicchick2 - July 23, 2008

Great job! And why am I secretly GLEE-FULL whenever I hear stories of males getting their "equipment" chopped off??!! I know, I'm SICK & have issues! :-/
Bongo will be VERY happy when he can be free again. But you done did a good deed! 8-D

5. Lauri - July 23, 2008

This is fantastic! It's hard work and time consuming to take on the "problem children"….but, oh how worth it is !!!

6. pyrl - July 23, 2008

Applause, applause! Thank goodness for wonderful people like you. Wow.

7. LBeeeze - July 23, 2008

I totally agree…..great story !!!

8. Cyanide - July 23, 2008

Yes, great story, and your picture was hilarious! For a minute I didn't get why it was so strange, being that we have 13C (55F) max temps here – then I remember – Duh – is summer over there!

9. lauowolf - July 23, 2008

He will be so happy not to be forced to play in the reproduction finals.Such a pity he's so wild, he's such a handsome fellow.

10. jaypo - July 24, 2008

I'm exhausted just reading it. You have great courage and compassion, Annie–Bongo will see that some day when he calms down. He's still the hormone-rage and they'll leave his system in several weeks. Calmer kitty then.

11. Lurkertype - July 24, 2008
12. Annie - July 24, 2008

I hope so My heart is breaking for him because he is so terrified all the time. He had to stay in a couple more days because he got diarrhea and I wanted to be sure he was okay. HE is eating his last meal inside and then he can go outside.

13. jaypo - July 25, 2008

Sometimes you know, they're not in control of their responses. He's frightened but know you mean him no harm–he just can't help himself. I really believe that. And he's grateful for your compassion. It's like people who have PTSD sort of–they over-respond to situations that recall past trauma. He'll be OK.

14. Bugmom - July 25, 2008

Annie, I love reading your stories!!! Poor sweetie!!! By that I mean you, Bongo will be just fine…..and grateful one day, I know it. He is a lucky kitty to have your light shining on him! ♥

15. Cap'n Stephel - July 25, 2008

What a story! And the pic of you in kitteh catching gear is really funny! I know it's practical, but it's still funny! I hope things go well for your furry friend

16. Annie - July 26, 2008

LOL well after seeing that Animal control officer getting bit on the thigh by the previously calm kitty video, I was taking no Chances and was originally planning on getting hold of him and putting him into the carrier but every time I even got close he would just go berserk That is why it ended up being easier and gentler to just scoop him into the carrier. And still he bit me and it was not a gentle bite without the gloves that would have been a deep tissue puncture for sure. I took the picture to share with you guys because I knew it looked completely ridiculous, especially in the middle of the summer Heheheh

17. Cap'n Stephel - July 29, 2008

Nice job =)

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