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Caturday Update on Bongo June 7, 2008

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Checking out the yard for Humans… NO one's visable, but proceed with caution!


Kitty Food Found…. Danger may still be lurking… Keep a wary eye open!


Yes sir . That is right I have thumbs.



Bongo has been coming pretty regularly.W had a day when he didn't show up.

He comes when I call Bongo Kitty kitty kitty .. as I only call if I am putting out food.


Of course this means that now the chickens have fugured out that that means I am putting out cat food too. So this morning they all came running. I had to put his food up on a chair. HE found it immediately anyway and I will post a video later this evening. HE is still very skittery and I will probably put off trapping him for another two weeks and then catch him and get him snipped. And while he is recovering attempt to get him more used to humans.

I hope he has already been human handled because it will mean he will warm up to us. Other wise he will probably remain an outdoor cat with access to our back porch room and the barn for rainy days .. and  hopefully an eventual acceptance of humans.

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1. whiskers - June 7, 2008

Aww…he has 'posable thumbs!!What a lovely kitteh. His trust, yu earns it.

2. Cap'n Stephel - June 7, 2008

With those thumbs he might be opening doors to get his own food 😉

3. LBeeeze - June 8, 2008

Hahahaha……Bongo kitty kitty kitty…..
Here chick chick chick
It works the same….
Just wait till they realize the cat food is on the chair….they'll start hopping and flapping until they knock it off. Bongo may have to defend it. : )

4. Cyanide - June 12, 2008

naughty chikons

5. Ermine Violin - June 12, 2008

Great looking cat!

Thanks for coming and posting on my blog too – everyone else is invited to come look at my wee little blog of nonsense – I'm just starting out.

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