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The Tech Guy Blues. June 3, 2008

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Well I tried to come up with some kind of cleaver song or poem but really my brain is just too tired..
Why you ask? Well it seems the company that has been hosting our email and our web pages is going out of business..
so I (lucky fool that I am) got the job of moving everything to the new company who isn't really as nice as the old company nor as inventive and a bunch of other bad words I could throw in.
Any way did you ever notice when you finally get through to the tech guys with a valid question that is not answered in all their help pages that they do NOT Listen to what you are saying… Okay to be fair a few of them do listen but not many so to sooth my brain which has been fried from thinking, calling, changing, and trying to find out why one of the emails I set up is just not acting correctly I am giving you some funny cat tech pictures from the cheezburger.

and for the email that is not working

And Finally how I felt at the end of the day


Tomorrow will be a new day and a rainbow will shine over my head but for today my paw just could not reach the kitty treats by the end of the day.

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1. Tammie - June 2, 2008

Sorry about the bad day and the company move. I know Tech. support is a pain in the keester!!! I wish you good luck!!!LOL!!! Love the pictures!!!

2. Annie - June 2, 2008

Thanks Tammie I actually feel better after doing the post.

3. Cyanide - June 3, 2008

That paw – soooo cute! I like the love heart buscuits too. Why can't all pet food be heart shaped? Everyone would feel better then.

4. LBeeeze - June 4, 2008

OMG !! I am laughing out loud….those pics are hilarious.
Support documents are written by developers who maybe aren't the best wordsmiths…

5. Cap'n Stephel - June 4, 2008

Hehe, awwww *hug*

6. Annie - June 4, 2008

LOL or kitties and puppies should get people shapped treats! people crackers

7. kRista - June 5, 2008

Hey, Annie, pls to be callink teh CBD tech support if he can be of the assistance. Rlly. He should be good for something….

8. Annie - June 7, 2008

LOL thanks Krista but I actually got it covered it was really mostly time consuming and frustrating because of the whole getting wrong answeres from tech support people and my misunderstanding of how it worked and another glitch that I had no control over but that finally got fixed I am still finishing up because of having to do my regular work too.

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