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Found.. at Last May 16, 2008

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Well I stopped by the pound today to see how the pups were faring and to find out if they might just have been reunited with their family.


Apparently the owner called last night and is picking them up today…. ( you have to pick up during animal controls hours)

I didn't see the dogs but I could hear them calling to me.

They do live in my neighborhood just on a different street and I think on the far end becasue I know they don't belong to anyone on the end by us. Anyway I was so relieved to hear they were going home and I fully intend to take a walk this weekend and figure out where their house is. for future reference. well and to scratch some ears if they are viewable thru the fench though I am wondering if they live in the house with the big wall around it. That would explain why I had never seen them


I walk and Jog in my neighbor hood frequently which is why I know lots of my neighbors and recognize most of the dogs.


Anyway now my stint as dog rescuer has come to an end, Stay tuned for photos if I can of the dogs back home

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1. metsakins - May 15, 2008

Great news!

2. Aubrey - May 15, 2008

Yes, great news…but I'm such an suspicious sort; could you maybe jog by just to see that their home is safe and escape-proof?
And your stint as dog rescuer isn't finished – we should all be ready to do our part!

3. Annie - May 15, 2008

Well I was thinking that… just to be sure you know LOL

4. pyrl - May 16, 2008

I think the owners (especially if they are neighbors) should bring you a token of their appreciation. A 6-pack, Starbucks coupon?
We had a Gordon Setter than ran off a lot. We met lots of neighbors that way. Some got 6-packs, some got treats, etc.

5. jaypo - May 16, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity-jigThe puppies are home!Photos welcome anytime.

6. Annie - May 16, 2008

LOL I need more neighbors like you ; )

7. Cap'n Stephel - May 17, 2008


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