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Lost and Found May 15, 2008

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Time 7 AM California,  Star Date 2008 May 14… Place, a town in the middle of California.


Found Running down the side of a busy road

Two Australian Shepards…One with a collar, one with out.. No tags on either dog….


Encountered trying to help the dogs by capturing them

two High School students(rough and tumbled boys you wouldn't expect to stop and help)

and another Woman in her 30's on her way to work.

Why did I stop?

Becasue they were walking into a yard to get the dogs with a known vicious dog in our neighborhood.

I thought they might be their dogs and needed help corraling them.


Encountered Last a very nice very helpful Animal control Officer.


What happened next… I found out the dogs didn't belong to any of them, and since I had more time till I had to go to work and lived right around the corner, the dogs came home with me. We arrived at my house and I thought okay I will take a quick shower and leave the dogs in my car for easy transport to the animal control.

I finished my shower and dried my hair and dressed in a record 15 minutes.  Then I called Animal control and left a message…. Things were not looking good.  So I let the dogs out of the car putting them on my available leads. The dogs thought this was great fun… They got to go in the back yard to pee.. AHA one dog is a boy.

Next adventure… we go inside and get settled in the gargae with water and a bit of cat food stolen from the laundry room…

Animal control calls.. They can not pick the dogs up until soemtime between 10 and 12… right in the midst of my Spanish class.. So I decide to take them to Animal control myself after spanish class..

Next it is time to make everyone comfortable with more cat food .. Apparently this is extremely tastey to dogs.

I head off to work and school.. and arrive back at my house around 11 to take the dogs to animal control hopping that maybe they have the chips in them and a quick reunion with their family is emminent. One dog is delighterd to seem me the other one is completely sound asleep and not waking up… I start to panick it was pretty warm in the car for that 15 minutes they were in there. OMG is the dog okay?? I Walk over and touch the dog after calling and calling it. The dog bounds awake full of love, slobbers and jumps… AHA this dog is at least partially deaf.



Everyone is put on dog leads and I try to get them into the Subaru to go to the pound…apparently a Subaru is really not quite big enough to hold two Australian shepards when they are bouncing around. 

Okay rule number 1… When you load other peoples dogs into your car always do it one dog at a time… This is crucial….

Rule 2.. Do not climb into the back seat to coax both dogs into the car with you… They will climb in with you and sit on you so you can not extract yourself.

Rule 3. Once you actually get your self out of the back seat and manage to close the door.. Do not climb immediately into the front seat and expect to drive off… The dogs now think you are playing some kind of great dog in the car game and then procede to try to get between you and the drivers side window and jump around on you and the front seat. All of this is done with great dog jovility and slobbers because some how you are now their best friend in the whole world.

Rule 4… Stop what you are trying to do and take one dog (the one jumping all over you out of the front seat) and put it in the way back end. close the hatch back and find that the dog is back in the front seat ready for another round of bounce on the driver…

Rule 5.. Remove the dog again to the back end and this time tie the dogs lead to one of the back seat head rests so the dog can not get to the front seat and head for Animal control with the air conditioning blasting.

We arrive at animal control and I leave the dogs in the car as I go meet the officer.. She is very very nice and comes to help me with the dogs. The dogs get the once over, She says one is a boy and one is a mama who had at least one set of babies .. Hard to tell with all that fur. She checks for chips. None are there, too bad they would all ready be home by now. ..I say I am going to call in the morning to see if they made it home she says ohhh I am sure they will only spend one night at the pound as they are obviously loved and well cared for.They are clean and friendly look well fed and are well groomed.

I leave a bit sad. they are beautiful dogs and I will let you know the out come.

By the way if you have pets Do please get them chipped. it is one of the fastest ways to get your beloved companion home with you..and accidents do happen and sometimes animals accidentlay get out of their yard and get lost.

And for all those concerned our town animal control works hand in hand with the local no klill shelter to get everyone placed in homes as soon as possilble.



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1. Aubrey - May 14, 2008

Two Aussie Shepards? You must have been all bounded out! All that energy contained in one Subaru…I'm so glad you took the time to get those two kids to animal control. And if their future looks a little shaky, it's miles better than when you found the two on the side of the road.
Good on you!

2. metsakins - May 14, 2008

Yay for Annie. I thought this only happened to Fred!

3. lauowolf - May 14, 2008

Two Aussie Shepherds and a Subaru?Sounds like a great set-up for a shaggy dog story…wait, this is a shaggy dog story.Hope your fuzzy friends make it home soon.

4. pyrl - May 14, 2008

Great story! Great job, Annie! Aussie slobbers = thank yous!

5. Cap'n Stephel - May 14, 2008

Wow! Great story! Good for you =)

6. LBeeeze - May 14, 2008

What a great story !!! Hahahahahahaha…..Sounds like you had LOTS of fun. Bless you !!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

7. Annie - May 14, 2008

Yes well apparently if you are an Aussie shepard you can bound up and over and behind a seated driver while in a car with only 6 inches of clearance.. it is some kind of secret metaphysical Aussie shepard trick… LOL

8. Annie - May 14, 2008

The key here is the Aussie shepard part apparently I am locked in on her Aussie awesomeness and there was a rip in the worm hole so Australia stuff is leaking into California.. this will be okay as long as no deadly spiders come and for goodness sake there better not be any deadly parlyzing pokey trees escaping over here.

9. oaklandcat - May 14, 2008

Hilarious post.

10. brinnann - May 15, 2008

I'm afraid to get my babies microchipped. Can you imagine having a piece of metal permanently stuck under your skin? How does that possibly not irritate them?

11. pyrl - May 15, 2008

Aren't you glad you stepped in and helped? Isn't it great that you didn't decide to ignore what you saw unfolding? That's a great feeling. You deserve a treat! Any more news on the pups today?(This story reminds me of rescuing 2 wacky young hounds along the interstate, very quickly herding them into my car as traffic careened past a few feet away, jumping in the driver's seat and my nose being assaulted by the stench of rotten fish! Those crazy dogs had run away from home, lured by the scent of a local fish fertilizer factory! They had been playing in the stuff!!! Agh. My car! And I kept them in my garage overnight. Agh. My garage! Sorry. I did not give them a bath. They had tags, so mom & dad came and had that pleasure!)Hi brinnann!

12. Cyanide - May 15, 2008

So that's what happened to my pet rescuers cape!
Great job Annie! Well done! I hope they find homes soon!
What did the kitties think of all this?

13. jaypo - May 16, 2008

Australian shepherds are wonderful dogs. I'm so glad you happened by and had assistance. They're just beautiful. Bouncies are their way of saying thank you!

14. Annie - May 16, 2008

The kitties were NOT AMUSED.

And I would return the animal super hero rescue cape but I am in the midst of another rescue I will right about it tonight.

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