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I saved you from the evil Toilet Papiers” May 4, 2008

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Hai Annie.

Look what I did for you


IT was planning an attack.

You would have been caught off guard.

So I jumped on it and destroyed THE EVIL TOILET PAPIERS.


It is a good thing that you have ME here to protect you .. and the rest of the world… from the evil plotting Toilet Papiers.



Wait… I think it just moved!!

Hmmm, I better stay here on guard.. JUST IN CASE!.




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1. mariser - May 4, 2008

heeeeeeee!you should send this to Meg. already have the capshions and everything.LOVE the last one. with red YEEMS and everything

2. Annie - May 4, 2008

LOL it would be funny if Lilac made it to CO.

3. oaklandcat - May 4, 2008

She looks sooo guilty in the first pic! Very cute.

4. Leslie - May 4, 2008

LOL! Toilet paper defenders are absolutely hilarious — when they're not MY pets. 😉 My kitty is completely under the spell of the Evil Toilet Paper, so he lacks the will to fight its terrible influence upon our household. Our ETP goes woefully unchallenged. If I stop posting cute animals some day, you'll know what happened!

5. LBeeeze - May 4, 2008

Oh, laugh out loud for real….I totally believe the toilet papers are dangerous !! You are so lucky to have your own defender !!! Hahahahahaha !!!

6. metsakins - May 4, 2008

Lilac to the rescue! Yay!

7. whiskers - May 4, 2008

Oh my…if ever a cat had a face of " I've done wrong, but I don't care…" it's this one. Thank you! You, (and your kitty), made my night.

8. Tammie - May 4, 2008

LOL!!! Lilac does look guilty in the first photo- heehee!!! I love these and the captions!!!! Thank you for making my night!!!!

9. Lurkertype - May 5, 2008
10. Cap'n Stephel - May 5, 2008

*whew!* I'm glad you were saved!

11. Lauri - May 7, 2008

Lol!The Evil TP will no longer be a threat at YOUR house!!!

12. Cyanide - May 7, 2008

Lilac is so gorgeous! She does look guilty. Hee hee hee. Did you see her in action or just come across the aftermath?

13. Annie - May 8, 2008

LOL I came accros the aftermath and made her pose with the results because as soon as I saw it I cracked up…especially in light of all the co posts and because her favortie thing is to shred TP

14. little miao - May 8, 2008

What a mighty kitteh you are, Lilac!

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