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Animals and Geocaching April 27, 2008

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Okay if you have been following my blog or even if you haven't Hubby got a handheld GPS for Christmas and we have entered a whole new world of Pirate Treasure hunting. IT is fun and we have gotten quite a bit of exercise in.


Here is how it works. People hide a small or large treasure box. Sometimes you just leave your name in them, sometimes you take and trade treasures which are little trinkets like superballs or hotwheels cars or erasers or stickers you know little junk toys or old computer programs, things like that.

Then they post the physical coordinates of the treasure and maybe a few clues as to where to look.. and you have to find it. It is kind of like being in one of those computer games  where you have to find stuff or rescue someone.. only with out the evil trolls chasing you and trying to kill you.

Now you would think that by giving you the actual physical coordinates it would be a simple thing to find the treasure but if it is an urban treasure(hidden right in town at say the local pizzaria.) they are tiny and ingeneously hidden and hard to find.

Well here is just a bit of what we saw while we were out.




These goats were completely ignoring us.

This cache is at a farm of some local Geocachers who hid this one just for those people who are doing this with their kids.


I of course was thrilled. What can I say I am 5 years old at heart.







And they had an Emu…  












And a horse who was delighted to see us.

Yes it was a boy and not a stallion. For enquiring minds.










He came over for some petting and attention.


Isn't he a handsome guy.







All in all I felt like this was a good start to our treasure hunting day. By the way the treasure was located near a tree right next to this guys' corral.

Our next stop was at a local county park.. now I had gotten to see some animals so I wasn't expecting to get to see any more, but well here is a little synopsis of how the rest of the day went.

This set was five treasures hidden along one of those little one to two mile trail loops. So off we went on our adventure




Here is a bit of trail scenery










And one of the caches we found. This was the fourth one and as it turned out the next to the hardest to find.

Inside was of course the log to sign your name to and a small pencil and some stickers, buttons(the kind with sayings on them) and one of those sticky hand things you know you throw them against the wall and they walk down it. 

The jar is plastic. Unfortunately it has a few holes in the lid so not waterproof but a good size for a cache.

Some caches are in film containers. some are ammo containers, those are the big ones… and one was a hersheys cocoa box. One was an altoids mint can. One of them in our town is in a pringles snack can. It is in a tunnel under the road, so not out in the weather.




And more scenery.

Can't you just hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing.


Ahh peaceful. 










And as we were on our way to  finding the last Cache we met this guy.


He was all about the attention and followed us all the way down that fence you can see and around the corner and along the pasture.


Well as it turns out our last cache was the hardest to find it was clipped up on a tree branch over our heads.

we spent a good 20 minutes looking for it. LOL




Should you ever want to try this, here is a link to the official geocaching web site. And remember there is a pirate treasure near you where ever you should be.




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1. LBeeeze - April 27, 2008

This really sounds like a lot of fun. How does it actually get started. How do you do your first one. Horses are the best. I love to pet their soft noses and the way they smell….it's a certain "horse" smell….so cool…
And 5 is probably about right for me too !! : )
Thanks for the post !!

2. Annie - April 27, 2008

Well first you get the hand held GPS and then you go to that web site in my link but here it is
There are tons of models but I would bet you can get one pretty cheaply on craigs list.
then you download the coordinates into your hand held gps and off you go to find it. then you get there and look around for a likely spot because those gps things can be off by like 18 feet and when you find it you get a rush.

Some of them are just under things and one we found was in this little knot hole. some are painted aluminum silver so they blend with the fence.
One on this walk the one in the cocoa can was painted green and grey so it was really hard to see.

It really is a lot of fun and we have met lots of people doing it. Last weekend we met a guy because he was geocaching and we could tell. you know desperate look as you try to find some little hidden treasure as you walk around with your list and gps.
Plus you are supposed to try to be discrete when you are in town as you don't want a troll to find the treasure and steal it. This means you end up looking suspicious and furtive.

3. kRista - April 27, 2008

We love going Geocaching! It is so much fun with the kids, they get so excited. I know what you mean about looking furtive- we call non-goecachers Muggles, a la Harry Potter. In our experience tho, it helps to get a good gps, if you get one that is too cheap, it is not as accurate, and it is too hard. Don't you hate it when they hide them above your head, and you look all day? Did you hear about the bridge that got shut down by the local police, they called in the bomb squad and the local homeland security office- and yeah, it was a geocashe. oops.

4. Annie - April 27, 2008

OMG Krista that is so funny why did they not just look a bit closer before calling in the bomb squad although I guess that would look suspicous especially if it was in the ammo can.

5. tonka_boy - April 27, 2008

Nice post about geocaching. My wife and I have over 200 finds, and several hides. We are having a blast with it.

6. Cap'n Stephel - April 27, 2008

Cool! I've heard about this and it sounds like a lot of fun!

7. Annie - April 27, 2008

We just started it.. New years day was our first day out and we learned all kinds of stuff that first day like about the lamp post skirt.. That was one of our last finds and teh janitor guy came out and clued us in he had seen a group of guys looking the weekend before .. He thought they might be trouble makers . By the time he saw us he was completly clued into it. I believe our count is at 35 finds now. And no Hides yet. but we really like it.

8. Annie - April 27, 2008

IT is a complete blast. and some of them are really really hard to find.
There is this one by a bathroom in a local park and we still haven't found it. we have looked three times now for that one.

9. Cap'n Stephel - April 27, 2008

Hehe. Good luck! I think you should dress up like pirates for one of the hunts

10. Tammie - April 28, 2008

I've heard about people doing this, sounds really fun. I love all of the photos you took!!! Thanks for sharing this great post!!!

11. pyrl - April 29, 2008

Geocaching is getting really popular! There are 2 caches out in the woods/fields behind our house. It's caught on over in the UK now too.Sounds like you are having a really good time with it. Have fun! Great photos.

12. Lauri - April 30, 2008

This is SUCH a great hobby!!I did it a few times several years ago with a friend. It was so fun! Hmmm….I should get hubby a GPS for HIS birthday! 🙂

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