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Why walk when you can run everywhere. March 24, 2008

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Lilac has this philosophy… why walk anywhere when you can run.. seriously.. she almost never saunters or strolls like the other cats. She runs. When I get up in the morning, she runs to the Laundry room (this is where the food bowls are) If I am going to the livingroom kitchen or bedroom she runs ahead of me. Going to the garden? quick run ahead of everyone.. Must get there first..(I swear that is what she is thinking.)

She doesn' t just do this to me but to the other cats too. She runs because she loves to run. She runs outside and inside and even when she is just going somewhere by herself. 



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1. Tammie - March 23, 2008

This is too funny LOL!!! She is a very pretty cat. That's funny how she likes to run everywhere.Have a great night šŸ™‚

2. mariser - March 24, 2008

'tis funny, how she walks slowly until she gets to an open area and then…wham! gone!lilac is sooo pretty with those huge round blue eyes.

3. Lurkertype - March 24, 2008
4. Cyanide - March 24, 2008

I like how at the beginning it is like she waits for you to catch up before zooming away. I can't get the last 20 seconds to load. Will have to try at home.

5. Annie - March 24, 2008

I had to cut it lots to get it to load and then Vox was like Error ERror so I finally loaded it via my photo bucket site. SO that may be why.

YEah she does that .. mAkes sure I am following her then ZOOOOOOM

she gives nes meaning to Zooom Zoom

6. Annie - March 24, 2008

Yeah she goes really fast too… she was at the door I was almost there and two steps she was already in the laundry room… She runs all over the house … She is my lightest cat and she sounds like a herd of cattle LOL this is while running on carpeted floors can't imagine if they were hard wood . Snicker

7. brinnann - March 25, 2008

When I first read this yesterday, it got me to thinking. I went home and noticed that Sheba does this too, and Sister is the sauntering one.

8. Bugmom - March 27, 2008

Does she have a heart on her side? Adorable! Get out of the way darnit! Got places to go! LOL!!!

9. Annie - March 28, 2008

LOL I noticed that on the camera but it doesn't really show up when you look at her.

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