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A surprise under the covers March 10, 2008

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1. Cyanide - March 9, 2008

Awww What a sweety! The wee tailio, looks like wee little snake. And the purrs when you pulled the covers back! SOOOO CUTE and when she did a little nom on your hand but then realised she was actually quite pleased with the pettings! And the kitty streeeeetch! SO CUte – what happened to the picture at the end? Did the cute break the camera?

Oh and bleen

2. Annie - March 9, 2008

Hehehe no I ran low on batteries at the end and I have no movie edit program so I couldn't cut the icky part off.

She always noms… Maggies motto is bite first and ask questions later.

3. LBeeeze - March 9, 2008

OMG…..I was prepared for it to be a fake kitty tail….something you get at the joke shop…and OMG….what a beautiful surprise !!!
I've missed you. Hope you are feeling better.

4. Tammie - March 9, 2008

What a sweet and cute surprise!!!! You have such a precious kitteh :)Have a good night/day 🙂

5. Aubrey - March 9, 2008

Can this be made into a feature-length movie?

6. oaklandcat - March 10, 2008

What a magnificent cat she is. 🙂

7. Metz - March 10, 2008

that was just like me as a teenangster in teh mornings. awrite ma! I'm up!
Ok mebbe not,zzzzz.
That was super squeet, i do hope u shared wit CO?

8. mariser - March 10, 2008

how cute. what an expressive little tail.such a little tail I was surprised to see it belonged to the mighty Magneto.

9. kRista - March 10, 2008

Annie, I am smitten wif lubs. How can you stand the cuteness? I wudda climbed right in, and let Magneto put the sleeps on me….

10. Morgat - March 10, 2008

Wonderful wonderful vid! I loved the "strettttcccchhhhh, I'm up, nope, I'm going back to sleep…"
(really pretty sheets, too!)

11. Lurkertype - March 10, 2008

lub me. lub me. CHOMP.so very tortie of her.

12. Laney - March 10, 2008

Nice speshul effect dere!! :PWhen I see a wee bit of tailio like that, I tickle it, and out come the cutest and daintiest of meows!!

13. CeeCee - March 10, 2008

I lub this video. So keeeyute! How could you resist not just sitting there and petting him for a half-hour or something? And the tiny, stripy twitching tail… so adorable!Oh, and what happened at the end? Everything went all purple and smeary… cool though. I guess you could pass it off as an ending effect.

14. Cap'n Stephel - March 10, 2008

Hehe, hai Annie! That's a cute video. I was waiting for something to pounce! The twitching was so funny!

15. jaypo - March 12, 2008

Awwww, exposed her yawn for the world to see!! Makes me want to go back to bed. *streeetch and yawn*

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