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And One Day They Waltz Into Your Heart January 26, 2008

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There you are just petting them or feeding them or taking them for a walk.. or maybe reading a story to your children and they come to be with you because they want to…

Or you are walking outside and there they are hiding behind a bush waiting for you to walk by so they can chase you or get chased by you…

Maybe you are sitting and they come and sit by you and look up at you with that look.. the one of complete trust and affection.

But it happens at some point.. something happens and you are owned by your pet…

Oh yes you are… You know it, I know it and they know it.

Your life is richer for it and I like to believe their life is also…


What was your favorite bonding moment with your pet(s)?


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1. Cap'n Stephel - January 26, 2008

I have two: Holding a gerbil that falls asleep in your hand while you're petting itandHaving a gerbil that decides he will place his wheel so that it will bang on the cage wall in the middle of the night so that he'll wake you up and get to roam free on the floor

2. Lurkertype - January 26, 2008

When Miss HRTortie snuggled into Mr. LT's arms and purred at the adoption place.And when TuxKit first came out of hiding in the other room to stand up on his hind legs and HEADBONK my hand.

3. gooddog32 - January 26, 2008

I was driving home and it was very late. The street lights on our street were out so it was very dark, yet somehow I saw a pitch black dog stumbling on the side of the road. I got out of the car and sat down on the curb. I clapped my hands and made kissy noises. The black dog stumbled over to me, laid down next to me and put her head in my lap. That's when I knew she would be with us forever….We took her home, made her well

4. LBeeeze - January 26, 2008

I used to have an English Bulldog named Millie….the sweetest thing ever. When ever I got upset and cried she'd hover back and forth and raise up and sniff at my face. She would get very anxious and concerned. It always made me feel so much better that she cared. I miss her so much.

5. metsakins - January 27, 2008

I had been in the hospital for a while. I got home and everyone was hanging around in the kitchen talkin. and handsome got on the kitchen table so he could look me straight in the eye.

6. Bugmom - January 29, 2008

When Bailey stays right with me while I suffer my migraines……but I loved him the instant I saw him!

7. Bugmom - January 29, 2008

He put his paw right over Hubby's mouth as he was trying to talk! Great bonding time!

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