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Kitty Communication- the Lilac Version. January 21, 2008

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Meow Merow. mew Meow. Something is wrong .. I don't like something.
Jump up on Annie's homework book. Meow merow. Walk back and forth in front of Annie…. Make sure tail baps her in the face.
Sit down on home work again.. Climb on her shoulders and keep turning around then lean hard against her head to interupte her. Jump back down on home work book.
Resume  walking back and forth across book.
Jump back up on shoulders turn around a couple of times. Get dumped on floor Start exercise all over again get dumped on floor 4 more times.

Follow Annie out to kitchen…
Meow Merow Meeeroooooow mew merp something is not right.
Follow Annie into laundry room…. look at food bowl … Turn up nose at gooshey food. Turn up nose at dry food. Mew merow.
Follow Annie out of Laundry room to kitchen again, start crying again. Meow merow mew merrrrrrow Merap.

Walk over toward sliding door to the outside. Darin is there. Annie lets him in. Meow, Merow, merp meow. Lead Annie back into the laundry room. Sit at door to garage. Annie Opens it for me. I run away from it and look out side with big kitty eyes. SPOOKY!!! meow mero. Little one walks in. Slap fight with Little one. Annie Sighs… "Lilac you are weird"

She turns off the laundry room light and  goes back to doing her school work..
I go take a bath in my favorite napping place.

Mission Accomplished.

Annie has no idea what I wanted.

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1. Laney - January 20, 2008

BLEEN!!Ok, I'm going to read the post now.

2. Annie - January 20, 2008

LOL Lanie.

3. LBeeeze - January 20, 2008

Mystified, clever conundrums…at least till bath time…. : )

4. Cap'n Stephel - January 20, 2008

You are so very mischievous!

5. lauowolf - January 20, 2008

Myown theory is that rogue cosmic rays were about to zap where you were originally sitting.Your selfless and long-suffering cat tried to explain this hazard to you, and when you could not follow her clear and lucid warning she resorted to merely bullying you until you moved to a space that was safer.After the danger had passed, she allowed you both to return to your usual places.The things a cat has to do.

6. Annie - January 21, 2008

OMG I hadn't thought of that.. Lauowolf I shall pay better attention to the neck nudge from now on.
Really she was quite pesty and there was food both kinds on the floor so I don't know what she was on about.

7. lauowolf - January 21, 2008

Motley requires a formal introduction to his food.He won't go and eat it if it is just sitting there.I need to walk in with him and say, "Motley, here's some food." and jiggle the dish.How he would survive in the wild is beyond me.

8. Cyanide - January 21, 2008

That cracked me up. You are very good at humour Annie.

9. metsakins - January 22, 2008

Solomon would understand, I'll have to have him come over and he and Miss Lilac can commiserate about their silly hoomans.

10. Bugmom - January 24, 2008

This is so funny! But, Lilac, While you were walking on Annie's books and everything why did you not come over to cute talk? We haven't heard from you in a while.Annie…..maybe she was trying to get some private time on the computer?

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