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A Duck Tale -Part Two. January 15, 2008

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First off appoligies..  I had a whole bunch of home work due and so neglected my blogerly duties. so with out further ado… Part two.


Mrs. Mallord had had just about enough of sitting on those eggs when thye finally hatched. She was so dellighted to feel the first little peeper poking around under her. she gently removed the egg shells after the duckling was all the way out… She knew that each duckling would have to fight to get out of its shell to make it strong so it could survive in the big old world. Hatching would be just the beggining of their lives, which would be fraught with peril until they were an adult duck.

Once all the ducklings were hatched, warm and dry, Mrs. Mallord began the most important part of the ducklings first few days… she would have to move them quickly to the water if they were to all survive. She rubbed her oil on to them as she checked them and cleaned the nest out. Throwing out all of the pieces of shell, and any bad eggs that were still in the nest.

Once that was done they all settled down for a nice warm sleep. Bright and early their first morning Mrs. Mallard started them on their first journey to the pond.

She quack quacked all the way there and they scurried along behind her snapping at little flies and bugs as they went along peeping and hopping and waddling.

Quickly they followed their momma to the edge of the little pond and started to splash around with their little feet and they drank some of the water and some of the braver ducks started paddling around. They were laughing and peeping and calling to their siblings. Come on in this is fun. They were bobbing about and having a wonderful time splashing .


Mrs. Mallard let them hesitate for just a few minutes at the edge of the water and then she gently quacked to them to follow her out into the pond.


One by one they began to make their way out to follow her. Soon they were all far from shore paddling around and peeping and following Mrs. Mallard.

Their first day was long but exciting they learned to swim and catch bugs and eat little green plants and how to stay close to thier mom.

Soon Mrs. Mallard was softly quacking to all her babbies time for bed, time to go home, come along little ducklings. They all paddled to the edge of the pond and waddled back to the nest with her. Tucked under her wings in the snug nest they all went to sleep listening as Mrs. Mallard said, "tomorrow is another day for duck play." 


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1. Tammie - January 14, 2008

Oh, what a wonderful story and I love the photos!!! This is so sweet!!!Have a wonderful night,Tammie

2. Cap'n Stephel - January 14, 2008

Ohhh so cuuuuute!

3. metsakins - January 14, 2008


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