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A Duck Tale – Part One. January 8, 2008

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One day Mr, Mallord and Mrs. Mallord were flying along heading south for the winter looking for a really nice place to stop and have a few babies. They flew over mountains and hills and valleys. They flew over houses and buildings and churches. They flew over highways and byways and roads and trails. They flew and they flew trying to find a place warm enough and safe enough and full of good things to eat and water.

Every time Mr. Mallord would think he had found the perfect place, Mrs. Mallord would shake her head and they would fly on. They flew over San Francisco and Mr Mallord took Mrs MAllord past Golden Gate Park but Mrs. MAllord said no look at all those cats looking for baby ducklings. So on they flew. They flew a long way to get past all the big city past Palo Alto and Stanford… Past San Jose with Vasona Park. There were other Ducks there but Mrs. Mallord kept seeing things that made her not want to try to raise her ducklings there. Past Morgan Hill and Gilroy with their Ponds… but Mrs. Mallord just did not think they were the right place to raise their ducklings.

Finally they came to a little park with ponds and brush and leaves and trees and best of all a creek nearby where they could take the ducklings when they got big enough to travel.

Mr. Mallord was so relieved, he had been afraid they would never find the right place. 


Now it was time to get going on making a nest and laying eggs. They began gathering grasses and leaves and twigs and piling them in a quiet place under a bush where no one could see them unless they looked very closely.

The nest grew bigger and bigger. when it was just the right size Mrs. Mallord began to lay eggs .. She layed and layed eggs for two weeks until she had a nice big pile. Then she started staying on the eggs. She would hardly leave them..


She sat and sat for 21 days. Mr. Mallord would come over to her off and on all day every day and would sit close to her at night. Every day Mrs. Mallord would move the eggs around underneath her, each egg would get turned and moved so that they all would stay warm and dry. Finally the day came that the ducklings began comming out of the eggs. First one then another and another until there were 12 little ducklings, All peeping and chirping and waddling around.. they stayed close to Mrs. Mallard and the nest for the first two days. Mr Mallord was so proud… What Father wouldn't be, with 12 fine ducklings all golden and fluffy. 

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1. kRista - January 8, 2008

This is NOT quack? I thought Quack was a white duck?

2. Cap'n Stephel - January 8, 2008
3. Annie - January 8, 2008

He is this is not quack.. this is Mr. Mallord I meet him this weekend. BE sure to click on MR mallord and make him full size on your monitor you can see the water dropletts on his feathers. He just got out of a pond.

4. LBeeeze - January 8, 2008

Isn't it amazing how they lay the eggs days apart, but they somehow all hatch at about the same time.
I wonder how they do that !
Great Pic !!

5. Annie - January 9, 2008

What they do is they go once a day to the nest and lay an egg. when the pile gets big enough 12 -14 eggs then they sit on it full time they do not get off the eggs for 21 days after that. that is why they all hatch at the same time.. They don't start to incubate until they reach a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.. IT is really amazing too.

Oh and the reason for so many eggs is the mortality rate which is about 50 % hatch and then of that about 1/4 of those ducks die.
Incubators have a highewr number hatch. I think it goes up to about 85% with an incubator. Maybe Higher.

6. LBeeeze - January 9, 2008

Wow…sounds like you did a lot of homework !! Last summer Mom and Dad Robin built a nest in a flower pot on our deck. We put this egg shaped Spiderman head in the nest to encourage them to move on because the deck was too accessible to other animals that might harm the chicks. It didn't work. They just built up the nest to cover the Spidey egg. They hatched three chicks and we got to see them right up close. My husband got lots of great pics too.

7. metsakins - January 12, 2008

Was it a cocktail party or a small dinner with friends?

8. Metz - January 13, 2008

Awwww, how sweet! I miss seeing baby ducklings. The park down from where I grew up haz ducks mostly mallards as well and every spring there were little brown and golden fuzz balls all over teh place.

9. Annie - January 14, 2008

HEhehehe oh definately a cocktail party.

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