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A Flock of Peacocks January 7, 2008

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Hubby and I were out treasure Hunting..this involves taking your hand held gps and finding a container someone else hide and signing your name on the log. It's called Geocaching. IT is pretty fun.. we just started doing it. I think of it as hunting for pirate treasures. People have hidden them all over, in fact you have probably been within a few feet of one at least once and not known it… and driven by lots.

Today we were out and about over by Casa De Fruita and decided to walk around a bit,, as we had found the Cache rather quickly..

and this is what we found a treasure trove of beauty.



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1. musicchick2 - January 7, 2008

In the beginning I was saying to myself "where are all the ladies (peahens)?" But then there they were! How cool to see so many peafowl (is that the right term??) in one place! What is this place, a park?

2. musicchick2 - January 7, 2008

Oh… I see…it's one of those fruit (& more) places. I remember stopping by those kind of places on vacation with my parents. What were they called, Hadley's or something like that? I'm a native Californian & you'd see them on the way to Palm Springs, or Bakersfield…you know, those long stretches of highway. I'm sure they're all built up now, but back in the 60's & early 70's….

3. Annie - January 7, 2008

THis is one of those we call it casa de everything.. THere is casa de hotel(the Hotel) and casa de Fruita(the fruit stand) Casa De sweets(the candy store) Casa de winery(teh wine shop) Casa de cars teh place to buy custom rebuilt antique classic cars.. A total tourist trap but really fun and you can get pretty muuch anything you want.

Originally it was a fruit stand that was along the highway and it just kept getting bigger and bigger there is RV camping there and a petting zoo, a choo choo train to ride, a playground and more.
We went walking around and then stoped in the sweet shop for some coffee and pie.(home made) Pretty yummy.

4. Annie - January 7, 2008

HEhehe aren't the girls beautiful too. I love their little crowns and those white spots on them. They followed us quite a distance, apparently they thought we were gonna feed them.. but no dice we had no treats with us..

5. Tammie - January 7, 2008

These are beautiful peacocks!!! I love peacocks, my BIL's dad, has 3 peacocks,they are so gorgeous- I love it when they spread their feathers and do that little ruffle shake they do!!!Have a great week 🙂

6. Annie - January 8, 2008

I have always seen them with feathers in full aray and was quite surprised at the beauty even with the tails down. I wish we had a couple of them but I suspect the neighbors might not like it too much…

7. Tammie - January 9, 2008

They are really beautiful, my BIL's dad has tried to get his to mate, but hasn't had any luck.Have a great night Annie 🙂

8. Annie - January 10, 2008

THanks Tammie..Hope you have a lovely day today. Here's hoping your BIL's will mate.. they may just need to have the right time … most of my ducks and Chickens are like that the ducks only lay 2x a year in the spring and in the fall the hens lay all year but will only nest spring and summer.

Also if his birds get disturbed they will not nest either.

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