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The Puzzle Kitty January 4, 2008

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I got to play a new game at Annie's house… I never saw this before Annie and her Hubby were sitting at this little table I never saw before, with all these nifty little cardboard thingy's and they were hooking them all together like for hours and I kept jumping up to see what the heck was going on and Annie kept petting me and then picking me up and then putting me down on the floor and once I got up and was picking up the cardboard thingys in my paw and my mouth they are quite tasty by the way. Then all of a sudden it was done and I got to sit on it for two days and then they played the game again with a new one only this time it was on the dining room table.

Here is me checking it out after it was all done.


I had a really fun time walking around on it for a day and keeping the other cats off it.

Then on new Years day Annie went out and I had the thing all to myself so I got one of the thingy's right in the middle of teh game and pulled it out and played with it down on the floor.. IT was really fun

Then Annie came home and they had to look all over for the missing thingy.. I think they called it a puzzle piece..

Here is a picture of me PRETENDING I never touched the stoopid thing.



Annies Hubby didn't think I took it out at first till Annie told him bout how I love to carry things around.. HE is so goofy sometimes…. who wouldn't want to carry those things around they taste good and they fit purr-fectly in a kitties mouth.  I hope they play this game some more it was really fun plus big bonus I got lots of pets and snuggles while they were trying to keep me off the table.




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1. Morgat - January 3, 2008

It's prolly also fun to swat the thingies and knock them onto the floor, but don't tell Annie I said that…

2. Cap'n Stephel - January 3, 2008

Hehe, I agree with Morgat =)

3. little miao - January 3, 2008

Heehee… I'm glad you had fun, Lilac. I think the Miao Bros would go wild over a puzzle.

4. metsakins - January 4, 2008

The last puzzle I did was when Handsome was a kitten. If there are wood floors in the house the puzzle pieces can be batted around and they slide.

5. Lurkertype - January 4, 2008

We always did puzzles between Xmas and New Year's — had to finish it from the 26th – 31st. And we always had pieces get swatted onto the floor and chewed on. Many a puzzle had a part that didn't quite fit right from the toof marks and cat spit.I'm glad Lilac learned this game.

6. Annie - January 5, 2008

My favorite game is swat to the floor and the beauty of the puzzlepieces is how they sail through the air before landing on the floor.

7. Annie - January 5, 2008

You simply must get a puzzle for my estemed friends teh Miao brothers. Please tell tehm that I highly recomend carrying the puzzle pieces around in their mouths as well as batting them to the floor.

8. Annie - January 5, 2008

Excellent suggestion Annie doesn't have hardwood floors but I can see the tile in the entry way would be purr-fect for this.

9. little miao - January 6, 2008

Oooh, it's very promising. The Miao House has hard wood floors. They'll have such fun!

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