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Boxes…Decadent Pleasure January 2, 2008

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No box should ever and I mean ever be passed by without stopping and perusing it at the very least.

You should climb in it and give it a good sniff. This will tell you if your enemy has been around or even occasionally a good friend.

Once you have climbed in the box and checked out the territory, a nap is recommended.

This decadent pleasure should be enjoyed by all.

I know adult humans have forgotten how wonderful a box nap is but we cats always appreciate  the opportunity to curl up in a good box and take a nap.

I myself find certain boxes irresistable . Christmas present boxes fall into this cat-egory, as do just emptied shoe boxes.

So go out there and find a nice compfy box and have yourself a nap….


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1. Tammie - January 1, 2008

Oh, Mmmm, Magneto has the puurrffect idea, a nice comfy nap in a cozy box!!!

2. mariser - January 1, 2008

among the mighty Magneto's many abilities is that of making every. single. box. be. perfect.it is so because Magneto wishes it so.

3. Annie - January 1, 2008

hehehe She is so the queen of the house.
Hey Mariser are you doing Nablopomo 365???
I just signed up…

4. Lurkertype - January 1, 2008

She's the tortie/calico, of course she's the queen!My tortie follows this procedure as well.

5. mariser - January 1, 2008

the 365 post-a-day challenge? I got the email and I'm still trying to decide. I've enjoyed NaBloPoMo the last two years……decisions, decisions… knowing that you are in makes me happy: a whole year of adventures of Annie's clan to look forward to!

6. Annie - January 1, 2008

Tortie's rule. Happy New Year Lurkertype

7. metsakins - January 1, 2008

Yes all boxes are to be inspected. The ones I don't not like may be thrown out. The ones I like must be kept until a suitable replacement is found. (and just 'cause I'm sleeping on the recliner, that doesn't mean I'm done with the box. when the recliner stops smelling like Nicole I am fully prepared to return to the Birkenstock box, so JUST Leave IT Alone!) Thank you.

Magneto, if you come to my house, I'll show you the Birkenstock box, but you can't go in it, cause I got it broken in to my body shape purrfectly.

8. metsakins - January 1, 2008

Huggy, what are you doing by the computer? I just got up and ….

9. Cap'n Stephel - January 1, 2008

Awwww! So very cute! I have boxes of all sizes for you to inspect, Magneto. Let me know when you want to come over

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