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The Kits Got Moxie! December 24, 2007

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Well I shanghaied the blog from the cats today to share the latest happening.


Dear Hubby goes out to our back yard late in the afternoon today, and comes running back in a minute later… all excited Honey he says to me "the little kitty (this is what he calls Magneto) just chased the Hawk. She was trying to catch it" ….See our hawk HERE.

I being a loving trusting spouse immediately said NO! Really. All the while thinking .. RIGHT!!!!!

Really he says to me, "I went out and saw her tearing for the middle tree and running up it and the hawk who was sitting in the tree took off". Hubby says "I can't believe she was trying to get that hawk it is bigger than the chickens".

Of course just then Magneto bebops in the house all struting her stuff so I know she really did chase the hawk.

I smile because I know that my Magneto has Moxie. I see you thinking really??? a cat with Moxie?? but she does.. how else to explain how she survived as this tiny little kitten on the streets before she found her way to us. or how she is unafraid of dogs and will stand her ground until they cower or run from her. And how she bravely sets out each day to keep the rodent population in check in our barn.


Chasing a Hawk.. (shakes head in amazement)… Well all I can say is the kit has MOXIE!

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1. Cap'n Stephel - December 24, 2007

Wow…go kitteh! lol

2. Lurkertype - December 25, 2007

Magneto has proper tortie-tude!

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