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Jaws Music Anyone? November 28, 2007

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Okay one more from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is the current Resident Great White Shark and I got a pretty good video of it. so just imagine the Jaws music cause I am lame and don't know how to add audio to my videos yet.


This is actually a baby great white it is not even a year old. IT may only be at the aquarium for a few more weeks. It has already broken the record for the longest stay of any great white at an aquarium.

Oh and incase you want to know what all the other fish are you will just have to go look them up yourself.

Just kidding.

The little ones are sardines. And the really funny shaped big one at the end is an ocean sun fish. They get huge and apparently lie with one of their sides up on top of the ocean sunning themselves.


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1. kRista - November 28, 2007

Very spooky! We used to have Sea World right in town, and they had sharks. They had this cool aquarium with a tunnel through it, so the sharks would swim over your head. It would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up, instincts or something!

2. Annie - November 28, 2007

yeah and just think they were baby sharks. I know this thing looked really scary and it was huge… and the part that was scariest was that it is still a baby.

3. Bugmom - November 28, 2007

Those guys are so cool!

4. Cyanide - November 28, 2007

We don't neet to go to an Aquarium to see these sharks at the moment, we are having a sharkdemic (my new word for the day) at the moment. They've spotted heaps of monsters right near swimmers at Byron Bay and somewhere else (see, we are so blase about the whole thing I can't even remember where) And we've had several shark attacks this year (Aussies: *Yawn* "Yeah, whetevs, lets go surfing")

We have a tunnel aquarium at Mooloolaba. They don't have great whites, but they have Grey Nurses. I love going there, it is so cool.

5. Annie - November 28, 2007

LOL I thought it complimented your Crocadile post perfectly.
As regards the sharks we too have the surfers saying …so there are great whites, where's my board.

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