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A Visitor Comes to Call November 24, 2007

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Just as we were about to leave for our Thanksgiving feast with family we saw a visitor in our yard. He has been around flying in the neighborhood for the last couple months but now he is full grown and he was hanging out watching our pasture or the neighbors or both!

Looking through a window from inside. When I went out to get a closer picture he took off.


When we got home today we discovered our visitor was back. I am not sure if he is looking to eat my chickens or something in the neighbors yard or just after the ground squirrels in the pasture but again I could only get so close before he took off.


I resized him a bit bigger so you could see him better.




My ambition is to get a video of him flying and now that he is hanging about a bit more perhaps I can.

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1. Cap'n Stephel - November 23, 2007

Hello hawk!

2. Bugmom - November 24, 2007

He is pretty! We've actually been noticing them more and more around here too O_oHope he doesn't try to wing off with a fambly member!

3. Annie - November 24, 2007

This is actually his second summer in the neighborhood so I doubt he will make off with the chickens but I suspect that our nice fat ground squirrels are the attraction unless the neighbors have some bunnies or something.

4. Bugmom - November 25, 2007

Maybe you could go sprinkle some seasonings on the gophers?

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