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The Kindness of Kitties November 20, 2007

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Sometimes in life when you don't expect it you come to learn how truely special the animals in your life are.

It isn't that you don't love them and appreciate them but sometimes our furry companions go above and beyond to be a help and comfort to us.

I have learned over the last few months how truely special my Mothers two cats have been for her.

My Mother lived alone and had only the cats with her. My brothers family could not be with her as much as she needed. The cats became her constant companions .

They were with her every minute of the day sleeping on the chair with her. Sleeping in her bed with her. Following her from room to room and talking to her in kitty speak with purrs meows and snuggles and head butts.

Lilac would go to the computer with her and sit right at the keyboard. Little one would hang out in the little cubby right next to her chair.They would sleep right by her head in bed at night.

On the day my mother fell and needed help they summond the neighbors by crying as loud as they could as soon as they heard their car pull up. They didn't stop until the neighbors came and rescued mom. I know eventually they would have gone to check on Mom but the Kitties brought them over immediately.

When she went to the nursing home they waited patiently for her to come home… even though she never would.

When I took lilac to see her right before lilac came home with me she sat right on the bed with mom purring and trying to comfort her.

When they came to my house to live they waited patiently to go back to be her faithful companions.They did not give up their vigil until she passed away.

Some people don't think cats are loving or smart or kind or faithful. Some people don't think cats can be hero's but I know different because of these two and because of all they meant to my mother and all they did for her.

I will always be greatful for the kindness of kitties.









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1. lauowolf - November 20, 2007

My neighbor's cat saved her life.She was smoking in bed (bad Liz), fell asleep, and started a fire.Toon yelled at her, and finally slugged her right on the face.She lived upstairs in a rickety old firetrap — another five minutes and she would have been doomed.Toon's older now, but they are still quite the pair.

2. Cap'n Stephel - November 20, 2007

Awwwwwww. What good kitties! Animals sometimes pick up on stuff that humans usually don't and they are definitely dedicated to their owners (the ones that treat them well). We just don't usually realize how dedicated =)

3. Cyanide - November 20, 2007

I'm glad they got to go live with you. They deserve all the love you give them.

4. Morgat - November 20, 2007

What wonderful kitties! (That story brought tears to my eyes, but that's a good thing.)

5. Bugmom - November 20, 2007

Oh, Annie! What a beautiful story. How honored you must feel to be blessed with these wonderful companions! I know they feel honored to be with you, you are such a loving and giving person and that come out in all of your posts. I believe cats are good for the soul and you are good for their hearts. Seems like such a perfect fit to me. You are all very lucky to have each other. Bet they protect the carp outta you, too! ❤

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