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The Lap is just too high to jump up November 19, 2007

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Little one was trying to get in my lap but… well see for yourself…



Obviously this was just too hard. She left and went to take a nap in the closet after this.

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1. jaypo - November 19, 2007

When my other kitty acted like this, it was because she wanted me to lift her up. Wanted to be treated like a baby. Which I was always happy to oblige!

2. Morgat - November 19, 2007

Little One sez "Pleeeeeze pick me up! I wanna be in that lap but it's way too high for me. Pleeeeeeeeze pick me up…" What a beauty-cat.

3. Cap'n Stephel - November 19, 2007

Awwwwww. Hehe. She's a pretty kitty!

4. Bugmom - November 19, 2007

Oh poor Little One! I think she left when you turned to punish you. LOL! What a sweet face she has! Like a little heart on her upper lip!

5. Lurkertype - November 19, 2007

Why didn't you pick up that floofy girl?

6. Annie - November 19, 2007

LOL I tried after putting the camera down but she would have none of it. THe silly thing. She still thinks I am part good friend part boggy man.

7. Annie - November 19, 2007

It's actually a butterfly

8. Cyanide - November 20, 2007

She got all distracted with the head scritches.

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