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What I like November 16, 2007

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I like string.

becasue it moves and wiggles and is fun to chase.

I like to poke at it with my paw.


I like to listen to the sound of the can opener because it means a possible tidbit of tuna


I like to sit quietly next to you until you notice me.





Then ever so slowly I look up and give you the kitty

eyes and wait expectantly…

For you to lean down and pet me and scratch me behind the ears and tell me, just how beautiful I am.


Sometimes I just like to sit there and enjoy that I am the only being in your universe. I know there are other kitties about but they are not as wonderful as ME!


I like to lay in the sun and enjoy a sunbeam, chase flies and moths, and smell the flowers outside.

I like to follow you and just hang out whereever you are. I do so like to have you pet me and brushing is okay for a brief moment.


I like to irritate Magneto. She thinks she is the boss around here.


I sit by the door so she has to growl at me when she comes in, or I will sometimes sit right outside the laundry room so she can't get to the food. This is really fun.


I love catnip mice. Tuna of course. Bits of cheese.

I also love getting my tummy rubbed. This involves wiggling and rolling about on the floor a bit but always results in a luxurious tummy rub.


I do love a constitutional out in the flower garden. It can be so relaxing with the bonus of chasing a buterfly or two.


And I love to play chase with Lilac and every once in a while Darin…



Ohhh and those other cats they are okay but really why waste your time on them when you can pet and play with me!











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1. jaypo - November 16, 2007

She's lovely, Annie! She looks alot like the kitty I'm about to adopt, Sophie. Here's a picture of her with her current mom and on one of her visits to my house. I'll be getting her over Thanksgiving weekend.

2. Cap'n Stephel - November 16, 2007

I love it! It kind of reminds me of this book I had (when I was a kid) called Cloudy and it was about a grey kitteh

3. Annie - November 16, 2007

Oh my gosh they could almost be twins they even have the same white butterfly mustachio. I love tuxedo kitties. and how lucky for you to have such a distinguised kitty come live with you.
Sophie is beautiful.

4. Bugmom - November 16, 2007

Yay! I can has a vox!!!! I really like this one too, Annie! Your posts are always so frackin cute!! Of course, so are your kitties and that makes for good materials 🙂

5. Annie - November 16, 2007

BUGMOM! Thank you. and your new page looks so pretty I love the pink.

6. Lurkertype - November 16, 2007

Tuxedo bothering a tortie. That sounds familiar.

7. Annie - November 17, 2007

Oh yes it does doesn't it. This must be one of those Old Old Cat fueds that has been going on for centuries : ).

8. Bugmom - November 17, 2007

I fell in love with it because it says Puppy Love………I love my puppy <3Pink is my fave color, too so it was perfect!

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