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Shoulder Cat November 14, 2007

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We used to have this cat named Tuffy he was one of those cats who didn't really want to be held but he liked to be where ever you were, with one exception, he loved to be up on your shoulders. He started this when he was a tiny kitten and would do it at the oddest times. When I was gardening or when we were just hanging out in the yard. He would wrap around my shoulders and purr in my ear and let me scratch him on the ears. So of course I totally miss this. Who wouldn't?

Well now that I have Lilac and she loves to sit between me      


 and the computer when I get on line I thought maybe she

would go up on my shoulders like tuffy. This would get her

off the key board sometimes.

It took four times for her to get her balance and figure out that

this is fun fun fun.Now when ever she sees me sitting down

she jumps up and sprawls across my shoulders. I of course

scratch her behind the ears and generally pet as much as

I can and she obliges me with a lot of purring and nuzzles.



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1. Cyanide - November 13, 2007


So colour co-ordinated you are! She looks so pleased with herself!

2. musicchick2 - November 13, 2007

sounds like fun! 'Cept for the little clawsies they'd use to hang on! My boys are too big & too old (11) to learn this trick. If 17 lb Pooh did this I'd probably need a Chiropractor immediately after! LOL! Your babies must be small-ish kitties?

3. lauowolf - November 14, 2007

Clever Lilac has found the Other Lap.

4. Morgat - November 14, 2007

Oh, this brought back such good memories! My Panther was a shoulder cat (he also weighed 15 pounds, and I weighed about 95 at the time!). He loved to be up on my shoulders. There's nothing like having a furry purry creature right up close to your ear, purring to beat the band. Ahhhhh. joy.

5. brinnann - November 14, 2007

I love your kitty posts! Maybe I should try this with Sheba. Sister isn't much of a cuddler, but Sheba likes to lay on me when I'm on the couch. Maybe I can convince her that my shoulders are just as good as my tummy.

6. Cap'n Stephel - November 14, 2007

Awwwww =)

7. Annie - November 14, 2007

yeah Tuffy was big but only weighed 9 lbs and lilac being siamese is about 7 lbs and long and lean. The others are all 14 -18 lbs and wouldn't really fit

8. jaypo - November 14, 2007

Sweet Lilac!

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