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A fist full of cat tails November 13, 2007

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I ask you to consider your cats tail

Residing at the back without fail

Some long, some short, some fat, some thin

Some just a puff ball at the end






They tell you if the cat is mad

Or happy, irritated or sad

They twitch, twine curl, and tap

They swish, slash, jerk and slap 







Sometimes they curl around their toes

And when it's cold, even their nose

They tell you when your cat is done

With the silly game you'd begun  






Kitty tails aren't meant to be

Held or pulled by your or me

So when your kitty's tail you see

Remember friend to let it be

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1. Lurkertype - November 12, 2007

ha! my tortie's tail was dangling down and I just petted it before I read this.

2. mariser - November 12, 2007

this is brilliant. thank you. thank you so very much

3. Cyanide - November 12, 2007

Hey! You did another post and I missed it! Damn time zone! Now I'll have nothing to look at in the morning.

Still love Magneto's stripes, I want to run it gently through my hands, but I doubt she would approve.

4. Annie - November 12, 2007

she hates when people touch her tail. I decided to try to post earlier tonight.

5. Cyanide - November 12, 2007

On a completely unrelated topic, in your avatar picture here, that rock behind you looks like Australia.

6. lauowolf - November 12, 2007

Actually, the Hen cat LOVES it, when you are petting he,r if you sort of push her around, and pick up her rear end by the tail.Purrs like mad, comes back for more.Of course, she also walks down the staircase hitting her head so hard on the banisters that you can hear her skull go clunk.Maybe she's defective?

7. musicchick2 - November 12, 2007

Cute post! I've petted my guys from head to tail since they were babies so they don't mind it. But I know SOME kitties will pretty much maul you if you mess wif da tail-io!

8. brinnann - November 13, 2007

Sister and Sheba don't seem to mind that I like to pet them all the way from their head to the end of their tail in one long stroke. Sister, who normally won't join me, Sheba, and Honey in the bed, laid with me for almost 30 minutes this morning while I did it. Oddly enough, though, Sheba doesn't seem to like scritches at the base of her tail like most cats do. Her elevator butt goes down instead of up.

9. Cap'n Stephel - November 13, 2007

That's a great poem! Woohoo!

10. Annie - November 13, 2007

Well I am telling you Northersn California looks just like the pictures you have on your page of the Brisbane area. I mean you could drop me right there and even alot of the plants are the same. Sometimes it is freaky because I think hey that is California.

11. Annie - November 13, 2007

I have two that love it and two that don't well actually My Tuxie loves it, my tortie tolerates it on an as needs basis until she snaps at you. the siamese expects it and the white guy doesn't really like it but he wants love so he will allow you a couple of pets but it isn't his favorite.

12. Annie - November 13, 2007

She sounds defective but I bet it all just adds to her mad Charm skillz.

13. Annie - November 13, 2007

yeah darin is real sensitive there so I don't scratch or pet him there I suspect it is due to the white fur and tender skin.

14. lauowolf - November 13, 2007

She is the Queen of Mad Charm.I figure it's as if she's a bazillion dollar sports car — she just seems odd because she's more perfect than all the rest.

15. kRista - November 13, 2007

Loff eet! But my kitteh actually plays this game, she will come over and tap me with her tail. That is my cue to open up my hand. Then she will waggle her tail until it lands in my hand for me to "catch" When I catch it she jiggles madly so I will let go. I let go. And she does it again, and again. Tailio catch. So silleh…

16. Annie - November 13, 2007

LOL this has to be the stupid bup. I mean she is just so different than any cat.

When we had Charlie the cat long time ago he would sit in the window and My oldest who was about 1 1/2 would stand next to him and he would wrap his tail around her waist. I have never seen anything like it before or since.

17. Tammie - November 13, 2007

Love the poem, and Pics!!! I have 3 kitties, only one lets me rub her from head to end of tail- other 2 will eat you alive if you mess with fluffy tails LOL!!!

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