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The things we cats do for our humans. November 12, 2007

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 I just wanted to come in and get a bite of kibbles and get a snorgle with Annie and what do I get

the feather stick and that crazy camera.


Being a kind and understanding cat I gave a few swats at the feather, even though really I just wanted petted and a nap. Crazy humans. It's getting so no self respecting cat can do anything these days with out getting their picture taken.






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1. Cyanide - November 11, 2007

She is so cute! I love her stripey tail!

2. Cap'n Stephel - November 12, 2007


3. lauowolf - November 12, 2007

Awww, poor kitty.Her person's all playful and wild.What's a cat to do.Wait a minute.That thing is annoying me:Feather thing must die!

4. Aubrey - November 14, 2007

Perfect kitteh playing posture: active front paws, stationary hindquarters.
"Of course I'll express interest in this thing you are offering me, inferior owner-type, but don't expect me to get up and follow it."

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