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The Yeems They Pierce You To Your Soul November 10, 2007

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There are times when kitties look at you and you know they know everything about you.

Your deepest darkest secrets.

your needs and every little bad thing about you.





They know you are going to eat that dish of ice cream and you are not supposed to and they look at you and let you know, THEY KNOW.

I believe they do this so you will be sure to share. but it is hard to tell. They just give you THE LOOK.







They read your soul when you think you are alone. They read you like a book. They know when you are going to do something either to their benifit or to yours. And they KNOW you know, that they know. Then they make sure they benifit from your activities good or bad.




The other thing they know is that you are about to do something that they are not going to like AT ALL. this is why it is hard to lob a rolled up sock at them when you think they are sound asleep so you can see them jump straight up in the air. You know how this one goes you cock your arm ready to lightly toss the sock because you want to see your kitty jump  up like a maniac but know just as you are ready to throw they open their eyes and give you the look.


I swear they can read your mind.  


They look into your mind and send you messages. Feed me I'm hungry. Cuddle me I need your love.


I saw you take that piece of cheese and you ARE going to share it with me. If you throw that sock at me I WILL leave you a present that you won't like tonight.


I love you even when you are sad.

And of course if the look doesn't work there is always pawing the sliding glass door.


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1. Tami - November 9, 2007

I miss having a cat.

2. jaypo - November 10, 2007

Everything we love about cats, Annie. So accurate.

3. Cap'n Stephel - November 10, 2007


4. metsakins - November 11, 2007

when we sit down to dinner if Miss Huggums is out of the house, she will appear at the door and then marc aand I struggle. Do not make eye contact!, I whisper. then the door pawing with exposed fluffy belleh begins and we stare at our dinner plates and I keep going "Just do't look at her. She think we don't know she's there!"

Of course, ice cream must always be shared so there' s no getting around that.

5. Annie - November 11, 2007

Oh so true I try the ignore thing too and it never works. Not even for a second.

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