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Meet the Quack November 8, 2007

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Well people I decided it was time to introduce you all to Quack. He is a duck, but you knew that already I supose.

As a cat he is a complete failure. Can't hunt, or purr, or beat up dogs. On top of all that he just runs around the barn yard all day long quaking and pooping. That is what ducks do lots of quacking and pooping. They are not too bright.


And then there is this! Growl




What self respecting animal does this!









And this!



NO self respecting cat would be caught dead in a stupid bucket of water. What a complete failure as an animal. The leaste he could do is go catch a mouse.

WEll i suposse you are all gjong to be saying isn't he cute and what a pretty bird.

Hah! go snorgle that. You won't be so happy with a face full of wet feathers.

Of course Annie would say how he is so cute and adorable when it rains and how his quack is soooo sweet. She is too soft. I think I need to toughen her up maybe make her march around a bit and bring more discipline into her life. Maybe the duck too.


And what are you doing goofing off reading this you should be off catching varmits and chasing bugs.


HEY I smell a gopher. Gotta Go!

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1. oaklandcat - November 7, 2007

Oh good, we get to meet Quack. Exxxxcellent post.

2. metsakins - November 8, 2007

cats are impressed by so few things, sigh. I think he's kinda cute, but humans are overly impressed by all sorts of things, we're silly that way.

3. Metz - November 8, 2007

Magneto: This is Autumn, Metz is my pet. We've never met but I had to say as a fellow tortishell cat that I totally agree with you on this. Why do humans insist on keeping useless critters around us?
I'm an indoor kitty myself so I've never seen one of these but I've heard rumors that they don't even cover their poops like civilized beings. Yuck!
I bet they don't even purr. Am I right?
Well I suppose we must allow our pets their toys no matter how annoying they may be, at least they occupy them and keep them out of our hair when we want to take a nap or hunt undisturbed.

4. Cap'n Stephel - November 8, 2007

LOL! What a quack, huh? 😉 (pun intended)

5. Cyanide - November 8, 2007

"As a cat he is a complete failure." HA HA HA
You always seem to be able to say that one perfect thing which is pure comedy genious. Like on Peggy Leggy When you said there were no tall mast ships on ebay. egad.

6. Tammie - November 8, 2007

This is so funny LOL!!! Failure as a cat,definitely,kitties are so puurrfect!!!!

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