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Chickens, what are they good for? By Lilac November 5, 2007

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Hi Everybody… I decided to tell you about the chickens. When I first came to live with Annie I  went into the back yard and there were these giant huge big old scary birds. Really big. Like super big. They came over where I was on my first trip into the back yard and so I (like any smart cat) ran for cover. When in doubt make yourself scarce.


And for weeks everytime I went outside in the back yard they would come running over to get me. and I kept running in the house. This is what they look like so you can see how really scary looking they are



This went on for a long time. Now I ask you, chickens.. what are they good for…. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Now Annie would say they give her eggs and keep the bugs to a minimum… but for the longest time I couldn't figure out what they were good for…


Then one day I found out what all chickens are good for…..(Shifty kitty eyes)

CHASING. They cackle and run and flap their wings and fly up on the fence. It is really fun. I love it. I shoulda figured this out long ago. IT is really one of the best kitty games ever and when you are done chasing em you can go lay down and take a nap.



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1. Metz - November 4, 2007

I'm with you Lilac, I've been chased by chickens before. Bet it is more fun to chase them instead of being chased by them.
PS: I (heart) the way you're all curled up in that last photo, that is a surefire invitation to snuggle and snorgle in my house. I cannot resist a kitty with their face all tucked up in their paws.
Very sweet.

2. lauowolf - November 4, 2007

it's just good exercise, chickens chasing cats, cats chasing chickens.First chases, then naps.

3. Cap'n Stephel - November 5, 2007

Haha! Naps are great after exercise

4. brinnann - November 5, 2007

Lilac, I see you have indeed found the true purpose of chickens. My dog Honey would greatly agree with you. Not that I'm saying you talk to dogs…'cuz you're a cat…so I know you're better than that…um, yeah.
::phew:: I think I covered that well. You guys don't think I offended Lilac, do you?

5. metsakins - November 9, 2007

but Lilac, they taste just like chicken! (Sorry Annie, couldn't help myself)

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