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Kitty Cat Convention November 3, 2007

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You are probably wondering why I called this metting. Well we got gophers and they are everywhere so I think we need to step up our gopher catching.

Darin you handle the vegitable garden, Lilac you are new so you will be handling the flower garden.

I will be handling the lawn. 



Now does everyone understand your jobs? What do you want Lilac?

How Do I catch a Gopher? And what is a gopher? I never saw one before.

It's a little varmit. You will know it when you see it. Now get to work.

Magneto stomps off



 Lilac to Darin… Is she always like that? So bossy?

 Always and if you know whats good for you you won't cross her. Hmmm I smell gophers.. Gotta Go!

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1. lauowolf - November 2, 2007

You know they talk about each other all the time.

2. Lurkertype - November 2, 2007

I am sure that's EXACTLY what they're saying.And of course Magneto is bossy. She's the tortie.

3. LaidOutInLavender - November 3, 2007

Hahaha! That is adorable!

4. Metz - November 3, 2007

So so true. BUT are you sure they're talking about the gopher problem and not the Human's latest crazy antics?

5. Annie - November 3, 2007

Well that is entirely possible since I am the human… HEhhe but I am hoping they are discussing the gopher problem as we are approaching critical mass.
; )

6. Annie - November 3, 2007

That is what makes her so wonderful. Even if he does take a pound of flesh from me occasionally

7. Cap'n Stephel - November 4, 2007


8. Cyanide - November 4, 2007

Maybe they were plotting world domination?

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