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Lindsey Wildlife Museum September 25, 2007

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1. oaklandcat - September 24, 2007

cool slideshow!

2. metsakins - September 25, 2007

how do you do a slide show? (show off!!!)

(if you tell me I'll post pictures like taht too….please…I'll be your best friend)

3. Annie - September 25, 2007

Photo Bucket is the one Bug mom told me about and that is the one I used but it limits the number of photo's you can use. IF your camera is new you may have software already included in it.. THe only problem is getting it switched into HTML. I am sure there are other things out there besides Photobucket but it was free and really easy.

4. Laney - September 25, 2007

Are those all alive?Great job with the slideshow!

5. Annie - September 25, 2007

Yep everything but the cougar and deer on the big rock are alive and I only took oictures of a few of them. and that little falcon is sitting on Rogers hand she did a really awesome presentation for us.

6. Russia Moore - September 30, 2007

Sweet, I didn't remember you getting a picture of the kestrel on my hand.

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