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Finally We Meet September 25, 2007

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For those who don't know here is a bit of background. Metsakins came to California to visit her daughter and so three of us who live in the bay area decided to get together for one day while she was here to say hello and have a bit of fun.

We meet on Thursday the 20th at first it was Metsakins, her husband, me and Oaklandcat and we went to Filoli Gardens. Then we went for lunch and had crepes in Walnut creek .

After that we went to meet R.Moore at the Lindsey Wildlife Museum. All the animals that you see except the deer and couger on the rock formation are live. You can get quit close to them.  Regular meet and greet sessions are held there. So you can really get to touch the animals or see them up close. All the animals have been injured in some way so they cannot be released back into the wild. They are rotated thru teh exhibit and when tehy arent at the wild life center they live at a local ranch wehre they have plenty of room to roam and enjoy themselves. IT is a wonderful place to stop and really get to knkow alot about some of the native animals.

At the end of the day Metsakins, her husband and I stopped for a few minutes at Treasure Island to take some shots of the San Francicsco Sky line.

I put the ones I took together in a couple of slide shows.



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1. metsakins - September 25, 2007

nice shots šŸ™‚ is Photobucket the secret to your slide show?

2. kRista - September 25, 2007

Such beautiful pictures! Ahn. I think I need a vacation next…

3. Annie - September 25, 2007

Yes but they only allow 9 pictures on some of them and 10 on the others.

But it puts in HTML so I can just upload it here and or on My myspace page.

4. Laney - September 25, 2007

Yes I wish my garden was hot like you!

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