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Pirate Peggy Leggy Sails the High Seas September 19, 2007

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I posted this on another blog but in Honor of talk like a Pirate Day, I am reposting it here. Please visit Http://stuffedandshaved.vox.com to see the origianl and all the other posts there which are a combined effort of several people.



It all began one day when Peggy was surfing the webs and saw a  Pirate Pom on Cuteoverload.com. Suddenly she realized that all her short kitty life she had been dreaming of being a pirate. She wanted it all, a ship, a crew and a plank to set any scaliwags walking off of.

She dreamed each night of treasure and fame and cutlasses and swords. She wanted to shoot cannons and fight sea monsters and maybe one day meet up and do battle with that scurvey Red Beard the Pom Pirate.

One morning when she woke up she decided to make her dream a reality. She would go off in search of a ship to sail in. Realizing that she would have to walk a long way to get to the ocean (45 miles) she decided to pack up her favorite cat food and head out.

Next she thought she better get a map so she went to the internet again and went on Mapquest and got her very own map with directions. While she was on mapquest she thought perhaps I can find a ship on the internet too, so she promptly went to ebay where there were lots of boats for sail. Sadly none of them were tall mast ships.

As she was looking though she found an awesome yaht for sale. If you can't have a tall mast ship to sail you definately should have a plush yaht. This particular boat came with it's own crew. She whipped out her master cat card and ordered her boat. Now all she needed was to head to the ocean and get to pirating.

After walking for several days she arrived at the pier and boarded her very own luxury yaht. Rallying the crew she informed them that from now on they would not be speaking frawnch they would be speaking pirate. Arrr! They thought this was a grande idea especially after she opened up the rum.

It was at this point that one of the newly initiated pirates mentioned the fact that Peggy didn't look much like a pirate captain and in fact that she looked like a cat, and not a very scary cat. HE suggested that she needed a peg leg.






Hmm thought Peggy, I can be Peggy Leggy the most fearsome pirate on the high seas. so she went down into the galley of the yaht and found a suitable peg leg.

She swashbuckled up the stairs to the deck where she yelled to the men ahoy you lily livered swamp rats get this boat under way. WE be pirates and we is off to find pirate treasure and booty.

Arr yelled the men. and they started the engine and set out to sea in their beautiful pea green ship.

They sailed a long time and found many beautiful islands. They pillaged and plundered and boarded any ships they came accross. They amassed a great fortune for themselves and generally had a great time drinking rum eating chocolate pudding and fish and making people they captured walk the plank.



One day one of the mates saw a ship off the starboard side.  Ship ahoy he yelled they be pirates.

They be Red Beard the Pom Pirate and his feisty crew.

Come about yelled peggy Leggy the pirate. We are boarding that ship and taking all their treasure and I am making that pom walk the plank.

The two ships came together and it was a fiercesom battle and there was fighting and killing and shooting and blood and guts everywhere.  Peggy Leggy and her valient crew fought hard against Red Beard the Pom and his ferocious pirate pals.

Who would win this battle? Who would end up with all the fine treasure?

The world will never know. Peggy woke up at this point from her dream, realized it was a dream and promptly beat up on the toilet paper roll she found on her leg.

What? don't look at me like that! you know cats can't have credit cards, and you didn't really think a bunch of men would follow a CAT off to sea in a boat and fight for her and talk pirate now did you! Well maybe if there was enough RUM.


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1. Cyanide - September 19, 2007

What I love about this is the little touches. For example, there are no tall mast ships on ebay. it is so hilarious.

2. Annie - September 19, 2007

Thank you.. I really had a lot of fun writting it…. Probably casue well I love talking like a pirate,

3. Cap'n Stephel - September 20, 2007

I love it!

4. Cyanide - September 21, 2007

FREDS HUBBY SAYS ….. given enough rum i'd follow and definately fight ( rum makes me punchy so i don't drink it ) and thank goodness Kitty's don't have master cards can you imagine the bill !!!!!!!

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